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Thread: An Evil Queen!

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    An Evil Queen!

    I've been working on an idea for a "Sleeping Beauty" retelling for over a year now. The main character is the son of the evil queen, who falls for Sleeping Beauty and is a reforming dark magic fairy. Since I started working on the idea, I've been calling the evil queen Maleficent. But lately, I've been thinking about using a different name. Maleficent belongs to the movie and there's a movie, "Maleficent" coming out next year by Disney (with Angelina Jolie!). I don't feel right about using the name anymore.

    I have some names picked out, and I was wondering on which ones I should use. These names, I think, don't fit the horned and faintly green skinned woman with the best villain's laugh. Instead, they belong on a horrifyingly beautiful woman with waist-length jet-black hair, sharp black eyes, and pearly white skin. She is evil to the core, but deep down she loves her son, despite their complicated relationship, and bears deep scars from the crimes she's committed in the past.

    As always, suggestions are welcome! Thanks guys.

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    Some names that I WAS going to use for my evil queen-- notice the "WAS", I changed the idea-- are these: Serafina/ Seraphina/ Safira, Persephone, and Lilith. Here are some others: Ariadne (Air-ee-add-nee), Evadne (Ee-vad-nee), Ambrosia, Ismay (Izz-may), Alethea (Al-ee-thee-uh), Artemis, Illyria (Ill-eer-uh), Olympia, Titania, Minerva, Hespera, Morgana, and Pandora. I hope I helped! Good luck with your story!
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    Maledicta was the first thing that sprang to mind.

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    I'd nix Drusilla since it's another Disney villain (one of the evil stepsisters in Cinderella), and both Zipporah and Liviana are too soft. Lillith is always a recommendation of mine; it's lovely, but is the name of a demon in mythology. Minevra looks like (is it?) just a misspelling of Minerva, and despite its "unnerving", Minerva always has a good connotation to me as the goddess of wisdom, plus I've read many books where Minerva is a heroine/protagonist.
    That leaves Malvina - I prefer Malvinia, and I still find it a tad off.
    How about a Mar- name? "Mar" in Hebrew means bitter, perfect for an evil queen. Maritha (pronounced either muh-ree-thuh or muh-ri-thuh as in "writhe") sprung to mind. Marit (muh-reet) actually means "bitter one".
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    For that, I love Zipporah and Liviana from your list. I like a more subtle evil queen name, especially since your evil queen at her heart is a loving mother and terrifyingly evil. A deceptively soft but strong name is a good fit. I also suggest Titania (who was the queen of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream).

    Lilita is the Latvian form of Lilith, which means "of the night" and has been a demon in Middle Eastern myth as well as the first wife of Adam, cast out of the garden.

    I may also suggest variants of Katherine, which may derive from the Greek name "Hecate" or the Greek "torture" - Katharina, Ekatarina, Yekaterina, Aikaterine.

    Ariadne is a good suggestion! You could also use Cassiopeia.

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