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    Betty - will anyone make this unfortunate connection?

    I've completely fallen in love with the name Betty & so I've begun to notice how it shows up so many places I previously didn't notice - Betty Crocker, Betty Boop etc. Recently I googled just "Betty" & remembered something horrible I'd seen on Dr. Oz years earlier...there's a product called "Betty" that is seriously hair dye specifically for pubic hair. On Dr. Oz the lady was saying how women dye their nether regions different colors to "be proud of their Bettys". Should I be concerned that Betty, in this context, effectively meant vagina? Would anyone make the connection upon hearing the name or am I thinking way too hard?

    (Oh & I don't know it it makes a difference, but the full first name would be Beatrice. Betty would be a nickname)
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    Please rate my namelist!

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    My grandmas name is Betty. I think its cute. Betty is also short for Elizabeth. Go for it! I think its a great name and will age well.

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    Umm... no. I think you're safe.

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    I've never heard of Betty used in that context. I think you're okay.

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    Definitely would never have thought of that! Never even heard of that product before. I think you're safe to use Betty.

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