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Thread: Lucy?

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    What do you berries think of Lucy?

    I find it sort of spunky and charming. But the only reference I can think of is Lucy Pevensie.

    Is Lucy to little girlish? or does it work for an adult too?

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    Personally, I have always found Lucy to be too little kidish. I love it as a nickname for something like Lucia, Lucina etc. If you'd like suggestions I'd be happy to give them. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love Lucy, and am considering it as a name for a future daughter. For me, it reminds me of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds but I am a Beatles nut, as is my OH. I think Lucy works for all ages and as an independent name, not just a nickname for Lucinda etc.
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    Personally I like the name Lucy. It's not a top favorite of mine but I still like it. It does make me think of the show "I love Lucy" which I watched (all reruns i'm only 24) growing up all the time.

    There are several names like Lucy though like dantea mentioned where Lucy could be a nickname.
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    I really like Lucy & Lucia. Lucy in the book series you mention is a wonderful character full of courage, integrity and faith.

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