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    First name for Alice

    My husband and I have decided we want Alice (after his grandmother) to be in the baby's name. However, I do not like Alice for the first name. My name is Alyce (A-lease) and people called me Alice my entire life!! We have thought of a few names we like, (Mary Alice, Catherine Alice, Lillyann Alice) but haven't found "the one" yet. My son's name is Jack Alexander (middle name also a family name). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I second the suggestions of Margaret Alice, Genevieve Alice, Juniper Alice, Penelope Alice, Vivienne Alice, Ruby Alice and Hazel Alice. I think a three syllable name is nice with Alice, but probably trying to stay away from one that ends in A so as not to blend into Alice. So other suggestions...
    Caroline Alice
    Charlotte Alice
    Gwendolyn Alice
    Miriam Alice
    Clementine Alice
    Imogen Alice

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    I will second Miriam Alice.
    I love Jack and Miriam together!
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