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Thread: WDYT of Colby?

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    I quite like Colby as a name. It does remind me of cheese, however all names will have something someone doesnt like.

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    By itself, Colby does NOT remind me of cheese but if Colby had a sibling named Jack, it'd definitely remind me of cheese. I'd avoid the two together.

    Colby is NMS but I do appreciate seeing it used for boys.
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    It's a type of cheese to me and I can't get past it. Sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by justanamelover View Post
    Please do not ever have Colby and Jack. That is almost as bad as North West.
    I would absolutely do this... with dogs! Can you picture two little Corgis named Colby and Jack?

    Colby feels like a pet name to me, but that's likely because I know one. If I wanted Colby, I'd do Colburn nn Colby.
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    Definitely not with Jack, please. I knew a family with kids name Bleu and Brie... I guess the parents thought they were funny - or maybe it was a hippy thing.

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