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    It's been a while... and we need help!

    I joined the site a while ago and collected some names, and got some fantastic help on the forums, but then we moved house and things got a little hectic so I haven't been on in a while properly! Our son is due in about a month and we haven't finalized any names at all. Our list is similar to the one I last posted but we feel like we need to start over with an open mind as we really can't agree on any of them.

    Our list is:
    Axl (DH said NOT Axel, it has to be Axl. )

    But we can find disadvantages to most of them, really. Sailor is one that we're most unsure of because it's mainly used as a girls name. I did some research on it being used as a name and found a few boys called Sailor online that made me feel more confident about it but we're still unsure. One of them was bleubird vintage's little boy (who made me love the name even more, really. He's adorable and now I'm addicted to her blog. Oops.) We have the same issues with Harbor, my DH thinks its way to feminine.

    We'd really love some new suggestions!
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    I love Zephan!! It's great, and uncommon. Zephaniah is nice, too, with Zephan as a nickname.

    And I prefer Sailor on boys.

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    I love your list!~ I have a few of them on my list as well, and I am also really struggling with finding THE PERFECT one. I'm glad you have Vale down as a boy's name. I agree totally and love it, but my DH thinks it's more of a girl's name. It's hard though because almost all names can be girl names, and people think nothing of it, so what's left to be a masculine boy's name?? I love River and Harbor as well! What about Rollins? I kinda like it. I also like Lennox but my hubby doesn't He knows I get the final say, but I want him to love it as well, kwim?
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    I love Roan! Zephan, Zen and River are also great, but I assume girls when I hear Sailor, Harbor or Journey, and Quill is a big office supplies company.

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