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    Help with our multiple naming needs

    Hello everybody,

    I just signed up and I am ready to ask away.

    We are expecting our first child together, most likely to be our last too. We have teen sons from previous relationships. Earlier on the pregnancy we decided to keep the baby's sex a delivery surprise and so far we've been very good at fighting temptation. This is partly why we are on the fence about our naming options, because we are considering names for both sexes.

    If we have a son we are almost certain we will name him August. We are lost on the middle name department and would be happy to take some suggestions. Our options for male middle names are Rodney, Shane and Micah (family names). What do you think? He is rooting for August Rodney. I am partial towards August Micah.

    Our girl name list is a bit more complex and already feels contrived. If we have a daughter, she will be the first female grandchild for both families. His family has 3 boys, mine has 9. Both grandmothers are clamoring for a bit of pink and deep down I am too. What our mothers do not know is that we want to incorporate their names into our child's name if she turns out to be a she.

    His mother's name is Frances. My mother's name is Felicia. Since we are not crazy in love with their names as they are, initially we thought we could either use Francesca (instead of Frances) or Felicity (instead of Felicia). One or the other as a first name would be right up our alley. We truly love those names.

    Then someone suggested using both names, either Felicity Frances or Felicity Francesca. He is on the fence about alliterative names but I do not mind it.

    At this point we feel like we have too many ideas going on for a girl and very much lost for a boy's middle name. What are your thoughts?

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