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    The same but Different.

    I think the name Joe is very masculine but I think the name Jo is very feminine even though they sound exactly the same.
    My question is do any of you Berries fell that way about some names?
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    Catherine and Katherine are very different to me. Catherine is more distinguished in my opinion than Katherine
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    Rene and Renee is the first one that comes to mind.

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    Same thing with Katherine and Catherine! I feel Katherine is hard and edgy and Catherine is sweet and soft : ) And I feel totally different about Larkin and Lorcan, but I'm never quite sure which one I like more. Others (first listed being the preferred):

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    I find Catherine/Katherine/Katharine to all be classically distinguished, although the "K" does make it appear harsher. Kathryn, however, is a completely different name to me and conjures up a different image entirely. I used to cringe when people would ask me my name and spell it that way ( no offense to anyone named Kathryn).

    I have the same issue with Anne and Ann. Anne is much more refined and feminine, while Ann seems rougher around the edges.

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