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    I like Felicity Francine, that is adorable.
    As for August, are there any versions of those names that you would consider?

    August Roderick
    August Shay
    August Seamus
    August Michael

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    I think August Shane sounds so handsome! Also, Felicity Francine is amazing! Unless you are of hispanic or italian origin, Francesca just soo ethnic. Reminds me of a flamanco dancer..... :0

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    If it were me, I'd go with Felicity Francesca. It's very pretty, the flow is great. It's a fabulous choice

    August Rodney has that double -aw- sound that I find unpleasant.

    Between August Micah and August Shane, I'd probably pick Micah just to avoid the back to back S sound, but it's not too bad, so I really could go either way. The flow with Shane is slightly better because it's only 1 syllable.
    I think I would base the decision on your surname. Does either set of initials spelling anything? ASS, ASK, ASP, ASO? AMI, AMY, AMO, AMP?
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    I'll throw in for August Micah, purely because of the appealing sound. I also like August Felix.

    How would Elisa or Alicia sound to you as a way to Honor Felicia or maybe another name meaning happy like Blythe or Ilaria? Personally, Francesca Blythe or Francesca Ilaria both have a lot of appeal to me.

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    Great choices! My vote would definately go to August Shane and Felicity Francine. There's just something about them. Both are the perfect flow and sound kind to the ear.

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