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    Spelling question

    DH and I have landed on Alice Faith if this LO is a girl. I am somewhat a fan of the traditional spelling but I am also drawn to Alys and Alis. Also "Faith" holds a reference to my MIL Faye so should we consider Fayth? Our other DDs are Charlotte Ann and Laurelei Alivia so we have gone both traditional spelling and non-traditional spelling route. What do you think?


    Faith or Fayth

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    Alice Faith is a lovely name. I think you should stick with the traditional spelling of Alice, however since you are honouring your MIL with the name Faith I think Fayth would work really well. Also it would connect your other DDs names to have both a traditional and non traditional spelling. Charlotte Ann, Laurelei Alivia and Alice Fayth make a really nice sibset.

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    Definitely Alice Faith. Alis and Alys look very masuculine to me and Fayth just looks like something a fifteen year would name a video game character.

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    I don't like the way Alis looks, it looks like a brand name or something to me. Alys is pretty but I wouldn't pronounce it the same actually. I think I would tend to say Al-eece since it ends like Rhys. And on that note, I would prefer Alyce if you wanted to say Al-eece. So I guess I would stick with Alice (which is a lovely choice). I can see the argument for Fayth, but I would only use it with the original Alice (i.e. only change one of the spellings).

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