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    Talya, Talia, or Thalia?

    I've fallen in love with the name, but now I'm trying to decide how I want to spell it. I'm partial to Talya, but that is by far the least common spelling. I think people will pronounce it right, but will they give my child grief about it being spelled "wrong"? Thoughts? General preference? Also, it apparently has an Indian meaning of "reach bearer" anyone have any idea what a reach bearer is?

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    I picked the "Thalia" spelling since it is the original, but if you are seriously worried about spelling and pronunciation problems I would use Talia. Talya is cute but it's NMS.
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    If you want it pronounced with a ya on the end instead of e-ah then go with Talya. It does look wrong though.
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    Talya/Talia and Thalia are completely different names. Talya is a Hebrew name meaning "dew of God," and Talia is a variant transcription. Thalia is of Greek origin and means "to blossom." Talya is completely legitimate, and as a matter of fact I prefer it over Talia and Thalia. It's the most straightforward spelling.


    Behind the Name is the most accurate and reliable online source I've found thus far for name etymology/meaning. Always check Behind the Name first.
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    I like the pronunciation tal-ya and the Hebrew background. I most prefer Talia but some people can't handle that the -ia is a ya like Katia/Sonia etc. Second favourite is Talya. I normally am not particularly fond of y's in the middle of names but Talya isn't made-up or particularly kreative-looking to me.

    Thalia I think of as a totally different name, and not one I love as much.

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