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    I vote for Sebastian, since it has a more substantial history and less trendy than Paxton. Don't worry about "planning" nicknames and let them come about as they fit.

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    I vote Sebastian. Much more meaning behind it, and it sounds nicer too. I know a teenage Sebastian, he's a great person. Great sense of humour and very considerate towards everyone. I'm not really a fan of Paxton, too modern/trendy sounding for me ^^'

    As for the nicknames, don't worry too much. I've heard lots of stories of people who started off hating a nickname and ended up not minding it. And who knows, he might end up with a completely different nickname you hadn't predicted at all.

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    Paxton is the best choice. I love the nn Pax, and it seems perfect for a modern boy to wear. : )
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    I think Sebastian William sounds better and far less trendy.

    What about the nn.: Ian?

    Less common Sebastian nicknames:

    Bastille (Sebastian and William combined)

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    Sebastian by a mile, it's a classic while Paxton will date. My parent's disliked all the nn options for me so I have always been Catherine, not Cath, Cathy, Cat or Cate. You just have to be firm with teachers etc that this is his name.
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