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    Felicity v. Dorothy/Dorothea

    Ok, berries, I think we are *almost* decided. Baby girl will be here next month!

    First names are narrowed down to Felicity and Dorothy/Dorothea. We do not love any nicknames for Felicity so we would most likely use the full name (possibly considering Faye as nn). Dorothy/Dorothea would have the nickname Dottie. Older sister is Vera Eliane, last name is pronounced Keekly. So here are my questions:

    1. Do you like Dorothy or Dorothea better, considering Vera as older sister? Is Dorothea too long compared to Vera? Although they would be called Vera & Dottie.
    2. Preferences for Felicity vs. Dorothea/Dorothea?
    3. Middle name suggestions? I really like Felicity Pearl. I like Dorothea Sage, but not sure. We would probably prefer to go wtih a short middle name since the first name will be at least 3 syllables.

    Please help us make a final decision! Thanks!

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    These are all great choices. Vera has a very sophisticated vibe to me and I believe it matches Dorothea the best of the three choices. They both have a romantic, vintage, Victorian feel. If you choose Felicity though there are also the nn options of Flossie and Flick/a. Also I love your mn choices, they're perfect!
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    Definitely Dorothy over Dorothea, but I much prefer Felicity. It's just so, so much prettier. Dorothy does go nicely with Vera though.

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    Vera & Felicity are a better set, but I like Dorothy/Dorothea better as name, so it depends on what's more important to you. Faye is a pretty nickname, but I like Vera & Lacey better (I know a Felicity who goes by Lacey, so maybe I'm biased). Felicity Pearl is a little too old-ladyish for me; Felicity Sage is better.
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    With Vera for an older sister, I would rate your choices in this order.

    1 Dorothy - I love these two vintage names together.
    2 Dorothea - has the same charm as Vera. If you're going to call her Dottie, length isn't really important.
    3 Felicity - I love this name but it does seem more contemporary in vibe than Vera.
    All the best,

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