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    I'm pregnant! Thoughts on my girl's list

    I'm very excited to be expecting again. (I'm also nervous as this is my first pregnancy since my two miscarriages.) If all goes well this little one will be due on Easter Sunday! Very cool. My kids names our in my siggy and our boy's name is Andrew. Our last name is Tys0n. Dh tends to like short names. We ended up with a Katharine to honor my mom but it's made my sibset a difficulty because she has the only long name and for the most part we don't like other long names. So without further ado:

    Lucy - The front runner right now. We make a big deal about saint's feast days in our family so that's a definite bonus for Lucy. We have no interest in the longer forms for Lucy. I do find it a tad lispy with my last name.

    Caroline -Only "long" name that my dh loves. I really like it as well but I ultimately feel that it's too close to my oldest daughter's Clare's name. I'm thinking my husband unconsciously likes it because it is so similar to our girls' names. I know I'd call them Claroline. I also wish that there was a St. Caroline. There is St. Charles so she could have a feast day but I like that my daughters have female saints to look up to.

    Theresa - Is a long time number one favorite of mine. DH really likes Tess but is iffy on Theresa. We both worry that the alliteration is an issue especially Tess Tys0n. We also worry that Theresa is a dated and I wonder if a little girl today wouldn't prefer one of the other names on our list. It's out of the top 1000. It was my great-grandmother's name so that's a plus. There are several saints to pick from which is nice. And of course it balances out Katharine's name.

    Sarah - Has been on my list along time. DH realized that he'd probably shorten it to Sar which of course rhymes with Clare. Not a plus. And of course there isn't a feast day.

    Grace - We had this named picked out in 2005 if my 2nd son had been a girl. I still like it a lot but of course there are a lot of Graces and Gracies out there.

    Mary - I'd love to use this name. DH finds it a bit boring. Since we have a Mark I don't think we'd use it as it's too visually close.

    Elizabeth - Dh likes Libby but since he knows I have a tendency to use the full name he's finally eliminated it as too long.

    Anyway, mostly I wanted to post and talk about naming a real baby...

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    So glad to hear you're expecting again! I'll keep you in my prayers! I love Grace and Lucy from your list and I think both would be wonderful additions to your family. I noticed you really like "ar" in your names: you already have Clare, Mark and Katharine and Caroline, Mary and Sarah are on your list for this baby.
    All the best,

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    I love the name Theresa for a little girl, I think it reinvents itself for the new generation. I like Vivienne for this reason! Good luck xxx

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    Congrats! I'll keep you in my thoughts.

    No Veronica? I see her shining there in your sig, and she's beautiful! I love Lucy though, just gorgeous. Hmmm... I love Tess, but I understand how you feel with your last name. Tessa? Tessa Tys0n sounds like a superhero. I like all the names on your list, but there are my favourites!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Lucy is my favorite on your list and I think it goes best with your other children's names. I would avoid Caroline b/c you already have a C/K sound with Clare and katherine which would create a theme. I'm neutral about Theresa and agree its a bit dated, especially since nn Terri feels very middle aged to me,, but how about Tessa as a compromise of Theresa and Tess? I love Tessa! I know so many Sarah's of all ages so it doesn't really excite me but it is beautiful and I really like it as a middle, like Mary though it has the same AIR sound in it, like Clare which rhymes a bit. Grace is nice, but like you stated, becoming ubiquitous, there are other virtue names I like better, such as Hope, Felicity and Blythe. It's too bad about Elizabeth, it would be perfect!

    Some suggestions:

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