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    Names of Your Siblings

    Okay so I'm curious to know, what is/are your sibling(s) name(s)? I have a big and complicated family, but here it goes... ;-)

    My biological siblings are named Declan Jacob and Gunnar Logan.

    My half sister is named Breeanna Karina "Bree".

    My step-siblings are named Mason Jasper, Ethan Johnathan (he was removed when my 1st stepdad divorced my mom, but we are still really close ), and KayLeigh Nora.

    Your turn!
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    I'm Emily Kristine, but in order from youngest to oldest:

    Nicole Katherine
    Stephen Samuel
    Daniel Thomas
    Emily Kristine

    Joel Remington
    Lacy (is it bad if I don't know her middle name?)

    My parents just decided that my dad would name the boys and my mom would name the girls. So my dad picked biblical names he liked and my mom picked Nicole because they ate at a restaurant called Nicole's on their honeymoon and Emily because of it's meaning (yes I know it means rival). The K middle names are to honor our Swedish heritage.
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    So my sibset is:

    Molly M_____(My mother's maiden name)
    Alexandra "Allie/Alex" Lee
    Grace Carolyn (me!)

    Technically my mom named all of us, and my dad just said okay, lol. Don't ask me what would have happened if they had had a boy, because they still can't agree 17.5 years after their last child!
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    Me & my siblings

    Vasiliki (nn Bellerose )

    We are named after our grandparents . No middles . My mom never liked the name Vasiliki so she nn me Bellerose because everytime in their anniversary my dad give to her beautiful roses . She thought the name suit me . I couldnt agree more lol .

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    In order from from oldest to youngest:

    Kelsey Linnea (Me)
    Anneka Margaret
    Jack Douglas
    Luke Gustav
    Greta Lucille
    Tryg Carl

    All of the middle names (except for mine) are family names and most of the first names have some special meaning or Scandinavian roots.
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