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    I know a one-year-old named Samuel and it works so well. I say go for it.

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    I like Samuel. I know two who are my age. No baby Sams. I like this name a lot. I say go for a unique and unusual middle name.
    Samuel Forrest
    Samuel Omar
    Samuel Prospero

    The point is I think you should be able to find a middle name that's unique and goes with your style. My parents did it this way one chose a first and the other chose a middle.
    I would suggest using Shepard as a middle, but Sam Shepard is a person I've vaguely heard of.
    Given a choice I would chose Samuel over Shepard.

    Good Luck!

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    I teach high school, and I know a lot of Samuels/Sams (born in the mid to late 90s), but I don't know any young Samuels.

    I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Samwise, the only LOTR name I would consider (dh is a big fan).

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    I love Samuel/Sam too. Its actually one of my favourite names for a boy and is a top contender on my list of names

    I like how Samuel is a strong, masculine name and can be shortened to Sam which would suit a boy, teenager or adult of any personality. And you could even go with Sammy as a nickname when he is younger.
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    I know 1 teenager Sam, from among my 15 year old's acquaintances. I definitely don't moan at meeting a Sam.....that's reserved for the Jacobs and Jacks around here

    If I were you, it wouldn't be so much the popularity of Samuel that would bother me, but rather the fact that I was being 'cheated', as a name nerd, of going through the process of REALLY choosing a name. I imagine that my reaction underneath would be something like "I've been preparing my whole life to choose a name for my child, one that was appropriate for the time and place, one that said something about what our combined hopes for him were when he was born. And now you, my dear husband, are telling me, don't bother, I've already chosen the name?" It would only make it worse for me if I actually liked the name....I'd just feel that I was cutting my nose off to spite my face.

    Now, that might not be the case for you.....but if it is, you might have to stop focusing on whether you can accept Samuel, and instead decide on whether you can give up the process.
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