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    Ooh, Sam/Samuel is my favorite! I knew three Sams in high school, but no little guys called Sam.

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    I knew lots of Samanthas growing up but strangely enough I've never known a Sam. Samuel is a great Biblical name. It's solid, down-to-earth and approachable so I do see the appeal. Samuel is also a pretty flexible name and goes with many different styles so I don't think you have to worry if your future daughter's name is a bit more unusual. Give your husband his little Sam and go a bit wilder with the next child.
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    What about Samson? It still gives your husband a sweet baby Sam and you a little more unique of a name. Personally I love both Samuel and Samson and the only Sam/Sammy's I know are girls. I say go for it! If you still want something more unique give him an unusual middle name maybe. Good luck
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    I really like Sam/Samuel! Such a beautiful, timeless classic that would totally be on my list if it wasn't for a family member with the name. I know 4-5 Sams and all are my age or older; I don't know any little ones. And I would never groan at one! To be brutally honest, I would actually groan at a 'not another trendy surname' Shepherd. Also, I don't think you need a unique name to 'set you apart'. All the 'unique', beautiful, brilliant, kooky people I know have 'boring' names like Sue, John, Ben or Kate. The person makes the name, the name doesn't make the person! Go Sam!

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    I like that Samson is a great alternative! However it seems against popular opinion but I do prefer Shepherd! Samuel just seems boring and outdated to me. I know lots of Samuels and so it has become normal and predictable really. If he really won't budge then it is not a bad name but I'd try and get him to put Samuel as the mn and then the little boy can choose which he prefers.

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