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Thread: Virginia Mary?

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    Something like Virginia Mary-Ann would lessen the association.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I would prefer Mary Virginia.
    I really like boyandgirl's suggestion of Mary Virginia.
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    If you are no opposed to two middle names I would stick one in between to lesson the association.
    Something like Virginia Ruth Mary
    Otherwise though, I love the combo and wouldn't find it a big deal.
    I'm not religious so I don't have much reference, but if you are Christian maybe this is a positive association for your family? Not everyone will know her middle name, so it's not too in your face and could be a lovely religious aspect to her name? (Forgive me if this is somehow offensive.. I truly know nothing about religion!)
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    The Virgin Mary was the first thing I thought of. I would assume she came from a Catholic family.
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    Virginia Mary sounds way to much like Virgin Mary to me. I do love Viginia though. How about a variation of Mary?
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