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    I love them both. I have a little Asher and he is the happiest little preschooler you will ever meet That being said, I really considered Declan for his brother's name. So it's a toss up for me.

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    Both names have history and depth so in this case it comes down to sound and look for me. I prefer the softer sound of Asher to the harsh sound of Declan. I've seen the spelling of Declan butchered by so many parents for their daughters (Decklyn, Deklin, Declanne etc...) that it's kind of turned me off the name.
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    I prefer Asher. I also know there are a couple of Declans at my daughter's school, including at least one in her class.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    Just quietly, I've seen "Decklyn" on girls before...
    you're completely right although I can only speak from my experience and have only ever met or heard of Declan in it's masculine form, hence my association.

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    neither, way too trendy for me.

    prefer Ashley and Devon or Darren which are popular but dont feel as if everyone is jumping on their bandwagon
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