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    Declan is really popular here. It's very likable - a bit of a new re-vamped Dylan, plus everyone who likes the sound of Aidan but wants something less popular is all over it.

    Personally, Asher was too much of a family name for me to ever think of it as trendy. I love it. I don't think it's the next Jacob though. Usually only a couple Biblical names are really crazily "in" at a time - and Noah and Jacob are having their time, iykwim.

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    I like both but where I live Declan was very popular a few years ago so I would be leaning towards Asher. I think they are both great names though.
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    I like both.. I would choose Declan because it has the super cool nickname Dex... Also there are a lot of girls named Ashley which would be confusing if you called Asher.. ASH...

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    Are you of Irish descent or Catholic? If so Declan may have more meaning to you.
    Both sound beautiful but if you have a connection with the meaning of the name that may help sway you one way or the other.

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    Definitely Declan! I have never cared for Asher. It reminds me of rasher or putting ash on someone, Ash her.

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