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    Asher or Declan?

    My wife and I narrowed it down to two names we love and thought were very rare and unique -- then we stumbled upon this site and find that they're two of the most popular names here! At first we were unhappy, but then I thought, who better to ask than a group who obviously has similar tastes to us?

    So, two questions: Which name do you prefer (and why)? and Are these names going become too popular in a few years? (We don't want to accidentally stumble onto the next Jacob.


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    I prefer Declan--it sounds strong and Celtic. A lot of people don't like the combination of sounds, though. Asher is ok, softer. To me it sounds aged, but a lot of people like it. I think you'll be fine with either choice. Both will rise in popularity, I think, but I doubt they break the top ten.

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    I guess I have a preference to Asher, because its a calmer name. Since you already have picked it beforehand, you already know that its meaning is 'blessed' or 'fortunate', but I find that just perfect for a child's name. Its unique without being too 'out there', though Declan is interesting too. Like the above response, I'm sure they'll both rise but won't become too enormously popular. Though I'm sure whichever name you choose will fit perfectly for your child.

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    I like them both. Asher is starting to become a pretty popular name where I'm from, so if I'm going to vote based on "uniqueness" I would go with Declan. That being said, I personally prefer Asher. Sorry I'm not much help. They're both such great names!
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    I prefer Declan. It feels so handsome and stylish. Asher is very nice, but I had never heard of it at all until this year, so it feels trendy because I've seen it all over the place now. I think Declan has too many hard consonants to shoot to the top.
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