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Thread: Olivia and...

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    Olivia and...

    Nothing stands out to me as a perfect match!?
    Any suggestions welcome! We have 2 short weeks to decide

    Olivia and Julia
    Olivia and Emilia
    Olivia and Sienna
    Olivia and Charlotte
    Olivia and Alexa
    Olivia and Paige
    Olivia and Anna
    Olivia and Zara

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    I quite like the names that do not end in a so Olivia's name is on its own. So Charlotte and Paige out of your list are winners for me. I really like Alice with Olivia too.
    I think Julia, Emilia and Alexa are getting a bit too similar to Olivia. But Anna, Zara and Sienna could still work.
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    Inspired by your choices:
    Olivia and Juliette
    Olivia and Aurelia
    Olivia and Analiese
    Olivia and Corinne
    Olivia and Alexandra 'Sasha'
    Olivia and Paloma
    Olivia and Avalena
    Olivia and Saria

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    A note: If my mum had another girl she would have called her Julia (Olivia and Julia) so I guess I'm sort of biased towards that. Plus Julia is a beautiful, classic name.

    I also quite love Charlotte and Anna.

    Other suggestions:

    Olivia and Maren
    Olivia and Harriet
    Olivia and Lucy
    Olivia and Cora
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    I like Charlotte, Anna and Julia from your list. Charlotte is my favorite...I think they balance each other well. I would suggest Alice instead of Alexa. Alice is classic, beautiful and timeless. Alexa seems too trendy for Olivia in my opinion. Good luck , you have some great names already picked out!

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