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    Personally, I like siblings to have names that are different but complementary. The names don't have to be from the same style (some classic names mix well with mythological or Shakespearean names for example) but they shouldn't be so different that it looks like the children were named by different families. Having said that, people's naming styles change over the years. If a couple has children over a twenty year span or if they divorce and remarry and begin another family, the older children's names may not "match" with the "newer" family. I try to keep an open mind and view each case on an individual basis. This is what I think about your situation.

    Your family consists of foster/adopted children and each situation may or may not give you a choice in the naming process.

    Yes, Railey and Mary Agnes are worlds apart but Railey and Maggie are ok together. Railey and Asher are fine too! Bennett is a little better with Railey than Benjamin but again, he'll probably end up being called Ben anyway so I don't see a problem.

    You have names of family significance that mean a lot to you and your husband. Family meaning trumps "sibset name cohesion" every time. If you are blessed with a biological child, ALWAYS choose a name you both LOVE.
    I agree with everything Mischa said. Worded perfectly so I have nothing to add
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    Set your worries aside as to making your names fit together. Seeing as your family may grow in a variety of ways, I say just go with the names you love. I think it is wonderful you chose to honor the birth parents of your daughter.

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    Thanks, everyone! We'll just go with it We found out yesterday we might be matched with a 2 year old boy for adoption, so there is another potential name to add to the lists. His given name is Gabriel. We'll see what they cal him and are thinking if we are selected for him, we may alter it slightly like we did with Railey. Maybe Gable. Which could also we a shout-out for my dad Gaylon. Fingers crossed they pick us!!!

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