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    But really, planning helps me considerably. I'm the sort whose got applications for preschool filled about before the baby's even in the belly. Now, we're in the process of looking for a house that's not the size (and likeness) of an old man's shoe, so that's wonderfully distracting, and of course, already having children eases the ache of waiting for a bit. It took one year of trying with my first biological kid, but only 9m with my second, so here's hoping that downward trend holds.

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    We just passed our One year of TTC... It definitely can be heartbreaking. I am surrounded by beautiful babies frequently, and worry I will never be blessed to have that. One day a month I have my pity party, junk food and a buffy the vampire slayer marathon or sex in the city.. whichever the DH lets me get away with, and the next day I go back to being positive- and praying it will happen for us the next month.

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    Just try to keep busy and do things you enjoy. It took eight months for us to conceive our first during that time I worked onto getting into better shape by exercising and I got crazy obcessed with everything TTC. Some people may say that's not healthy and actually will hurt your chances (I heard a lot of people say that all I needed to do was not try so hard and relax ) but doing stuff made me feel more hopeful each month. I got pregnant with my daughter the first month so if you're planning on multiple children remember it can vary child to child.
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    It's tough. I hope you all don't have to wait long. My ttc journey has been going on for 4 years and there has been much heart break. I had 3 miscarriages. It is really difficult right now since both my sis-in law and bro-in law are now going to be parents before my husband and I. Neither one of them were even trying. The bro-in-law isn't even married to the baby's mother yet! They are planning to wed in November.
    If you are really down, I recommend going to a therapist or a naturopath. That really helped me.
    Acupuncture can take away anxiety as well as help fertility. I tried doing yoga, but I couldn't keep it up.
    Unfortunately, I throw myself a lot of pity parties. It would be awesome if I knew other people struggling to have a baby. I did know one couple, but it finally happened for them after 5 years of nothing happening at all. If it happened for them, it can happen for me...and it will happen for all of you.
    We must be patient.

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