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    I feel like I got shafted by my ancestors after seeing those cool names!

    Hendrick - love! I know a little Henrik
    Johannes - we have this in our family tree. Not for me.
    Chapel - I think this is really cool!
    Neri - Sounds kind of Biblical
    Philomon - weird
    Sussex - cool, but the fact that sex is in the name is a no go for me
    Orrin - I love, but spelled Oren
    Irwin - not for me
    Cecil - "
    Perry - I like for a girl
    Aubrey - "

    Not so much...
    Benjamin Franklin (first and middle)
    George Washington (first and middle)
    Lee Howard - there were a couple of these, they are both family surnames from Virgina.

    Sadina - very unique and still usable
    Mabelie - love <3
    Xoa - so bizarre! I have only seen this with Vietnamese people!
    Minerva - sounds so "evil queen" to me
    Cora Bell - sounds like a modern name!
    Lovinia - interesting
    Effie Jane (3 generations!) - Effie is a town in MN, so I would never use it.
    Million - again, how bizarre!
    Magdalena - *sigh* my SO would never go for it, but it is so beautiful
    Charity - Puritans?
    Rosa Lee - loooooove

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