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Thread: Heir Hunters

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    Heir Hunters

    I watch a programme called Heir Hunter (not sure if it is available in the US, or if they have their own version) which looks back into family trees so that they can find the rightful heir and the money won't go to the government. The programme also has some lovely vintage names and sib-sets, some if which I have shared on here before. So I have been watching it this morning and can across a one sib-set which i liked and a name with quite a few middles!

    The sib-set is (shame they don't tell you the middle names)

    The girls names a little to themed but I quite like the set overall.

    The single name was
    Daisy Violet Lily Rose May Poppy Fern Barnes

    May is the odd one out. I have never heard of someone with six middle names before or even such a matchy name!

    What are your thought on the sib-set and individual name?

    Thanks in advance.
    (Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I typed this on my iPad)

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    No one? ...

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    I love that sib-set! They're all such great vintage classics.

    As for Daisy Violet etc., that's too much for me. Not only is it a bit silly, but it doesn't flow that well.

    In terms of having several middle names, my dad and his brothers all have several middle names. They were born in Belgium in the early '50s and apparently it was common to have long names. They each have a double name (my dad is Jean Michel), plus everyone has Marie in there somewhere in honour of the Virgin Mary, and I believe the name of a local saint is used as well. My dad doesn't actually know all his middle names since they're not official and probably just used on church certificates.
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    The sibset is a little too themed for my comfort level but the vintage names are all fine together. I don't think anyone needs seven names. Even the British royal family is decreasing the number of their names (three to four now). Since most of the names in the combo are flowers I find it kind of ridiculous! The parents must have been VERY avid gardeners!!!!
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    I love this insight into how a name nerd watches television! I do the same thing -- it's all about the names.
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