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    Annelise vs Theresa

    Iv been liking the names Annelise & Theresa (T-ER-ees-Uh).

    1. Would you spell them another way (as I know Theresa is spelt with no H also).

    2. Which name do you like better with sibling Amy-Louise and the surname Kitcher.

    3. What middles would be ok with these names? - I kinda like Theresa Annelise but I'm conserved about the a and Anne.

    Names we can't use:- Sarah, Alice, Maisey, Sophia/Sophie, Olivia, Paige, Megan, Cody, Grace, Jasmine, Hattie, Dolly, Phoebe, Mollie, Ava, Esme.

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    1. I prefer Annelise spelled "Anneliese" and I like Theresa the way you spelled it.

    2. I like Annelise more than Theresa, but Annelise and Amy-Louise are very matchy, so I guess I prefer Theresa.

    3. I think Maeve, Renee, Claire, Ruby, Naomi, Bryn, Grier and Willow all sound nice with your names.
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    I liked Annelise until i read that you already have a Amy Louise. I don't like Theresa. It's too outdated. Other suggestions: Elise, Anne, Anna, Tessa, Emma, Alexis, Emily
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    I also prefer Annelise except that it rhymes with Amy Louise (this would dissuade me but its not a deal breaker - how often do you actually use your first daughters middle name anyway?) I don't personally like Theresa but it goes fine with Amy.

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    Amy-Louise is my daughters first name. We mainly call her Amy or LuLu (loo loo). - I'm English so we like hyphenated names.

    Do you think thersa Annelise would be ok as the child's name or maybe have Theresa ......... Annelise or Theresa Annelise ........

    I do like anneliese as well I wanted a name after my nan Phyllis and its the only name I could come up with we both liked as my daughter is named after my nan's mother & mother-in-law.

    I'm not keen on Elise, Emma (too popular), Emily (is too popular as well & I find it close to Amy, I don't mind it as a mn though), I like Anne/Anna but they feel too old as a name for me, Alexis/Alexia/Alexa are really popular in my little town.

    I'm not keen on Claire, Grier or Maeve, i really love Ruby, Naomi, Willow, Renee. I don't like Bryn as its a boys name

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