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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    This is interesting! Over here you'd be fine as there's a distinct sound difference between Erin and Aaron. 'eh-rin' and 'a-run' (a like cat).
    It's the same here in Australia. My cousins name is Erin and it's pronouced 'eh-rin', I have met a few other Erins and they pronounce it this way too. I would never have thought Erin and Aaron would be confused. Very intresting.
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    To the pp in Canada/US Aaron and Erin are almost identical. The only thing that separates the two is the IN of Erin is slightly more pronounced, and the beginnings are identical despite the ER vs AAR. (This is at least where I am from in Canada. When I put on my "fake UK accent" and attempt to say them both they are different sounding. You guys pronounce your vowels a little more distinctive!)

    My name is Sarah, and while it's common, I don't have many complaints.
    People sometimes spell it Sara, but other than that no issues.
    I do have a double barrelled name though and I used to have troubles with people understanding the second name and being able to spell it.
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    My name is Kacy. I love my name but hate how no one ever pays attention to the spelling. I agree with you that sometimes people just don't care. I know its different, but once you know that K-A-C-Y is my name, it should stay that way. It took my in-laws years to spell it right. Sometimes they still mess it up. Seriously?

    In third grade, my teacher told me I was "writing my name wrong", and she would "correct" it on papers for me!!! "Casey" Who does that!

    When anyone asks for my name, I don't even say it, I just start spelling it, because as soon as the word Kacy comes out of my mouth, people immediately begin writing a C and then its all scribbled out and whatnot. I can't even just say "With a K" because then its Kacey or Kasey or Kaci or Kaycee. I have to spell it out, and even then people write it incorrectly. Some people can't even pronounce it and say Cassy.

    I get the gamut of Kacy variations. And its fine for strangers, there are quite a few ways to spell it and mine is a minority, but honestly, this day and age when we have spellings so bizarre, people need to be aware of what your actual name is. I do love my name and wouldn't change it for the world, but for my children, a name with only one spelling is a must!
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    My name, Rachel, was really common when I was born (90's) however in school so many people spelled my name with an extra a, like Rachael. It was so annoying seeing as Rachel is the original and more common spelling. Yet I still got things with my name spelt wrong all the time.

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    I have a common name spelt the most common way (Sarah) but I've had people spelt my name as Sara and it's also been mistaken for Zara.

    I took my son out for a walk in the park a few days ago and it was pretty busy as the weather has been decent, and as he's only a week old people were asking me about him, and out of the people that asked me his name (about 6 people?) 3 of them thought he was called Edward, rather than Edwin.
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