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    The name "Sophia"

    Okay so basically I just wanted to give you guys some food for thought and get other opinions on it. My name, like quite a few other people's, is Sophia. Now, one might assume that being named Sophia is just as easy, if not easier, that having a different name, in part because it's so popular. But every teacher I've had, except for about three or four, as well as about half or two thirds of the people I've met, have called me "Sophie". Usually, I'm a fan of cute, "-ie" names, but this has turned me off of the nickname or name of Sophie. You wouldnt think the name "Sophia" is so hard to remember because of its popularity, but people never fail to call me Sophie and it just gets irritating because it isn't my name. Another thing about it is the fact that in public, especially in crowded places like New York City, there are bound to be a lot of other Sophias and I am constantly hearing my name and am not sure if someone is trying to talk to me or not. And dont get me started on the fact that almost everyone spells my name Sofia when theyre writing it down- they dont even bother to ask me to double check that's the way it's spelled. Kids I've known since the third grade have done this!

    Does anyone else, whether or not you're named "Sophia" have or have ever had, an experience like this? Does anyone have any opinions on the matter.

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    I didn't know a lot of female Erin's growing up, but I knew several male Aaron's. When I was in school I heard my name a lot, but it was usually one of the male Aaron's was being called. Also, not many spelled my name right. People always wanted to spell my name the boy's way and sometimes people didn't even spell that the right way!

    These are the different ways people spelled my name:

    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin91 View Post
    I didn't know a lot of female Erin's growing up, but I knew several male Aaron's. When I was in school I heard my name a lot, but it was usually one of the male Aaron's was being called.
    This is interesting! Over here you'd be fine as there's a distinct sound difference between Erin and Aaron. 'eh-rin' and 'a-run' (a like cat).

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    I've run into the same problems as Erin posted above. There aren't too many female Tonis out there, but there is an abundance of male Tonys. People assume my name is spelled Tony and when I hear "Toni/y!" called out in a crowd, they're often calling for some guy with the same name.

    And I'm convinced people are lazy and will shorten just about every name. If I had a dollar for every time I got called "Tone", I'd be rich.
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    I'm a Jessica and yes, I get Jess a lot. I don't look at it as "that's not my name", but rather as a nickname for my name. I'm not sure that people are forgetting your name is Sophia and thinking it's Sophie, but rather they are purposely shortening it. At least some or many I'd hope. Personally I don't really care about being called Jess (but do hate when I get a nickname that's more "out there" for Jessica and not as natural as "Jess" without me asking for the nn). I just know that I'd rather call my friends Alexandria, Katherine and Rebecca "Ali, Kate and Becca" for convenience purposes, so I don't mind it with me. Of course, I would never call someone a nn that they don't like when they have a preference. We have a professor that calls Ali, "Alex" and she cant' stand it.

    I also hear "Jessica" called out when it is not intended for me - you get used to it. I lived in a dorm freshman year with three Jessica's on one floor (a fluke, as there were only three Jessica's in the building). In the beginning it was confusing, but you learn voices, get your own "random" nicknames, etc. In public I rarely turn anymore, as usually the only people who would be getting my attention are next to me (or only a little bit away, which is where the learning voices aspect comes in).

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