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    wickedjr89 Guest

    Names related to Belle

    Keep in mind this is completely hypothetical. No baby is forth coming anytime soon.

    My grandmother's name is Belle. I'm trying to think of related names to make a connection but not the same.

    Like Elizabelle. I know there is also Annabelle and Belinda but I don't really care for either of those.

    Any other suggestions?

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    wickedjr89 Guest
    Thanks! The only one I could never use is Gabrielle, really bad associations for me with Gabriel. Otherwise it's all great!

    Mirabelle, Jezabel, Rosebelle, and Corabelle are my favorites out of those so far.

    Now I might be able to think. I have been trying to think of names for a bit and been coming up blank for some reason. Name block I guess .

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    You could always go with a name with the same meaning as Belle

    Baby Names That Mean Beautiful - List |

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    Some names that don't necessarily have the word "belle" in them are:
    Luella (my middle name actually!)- it's a combination of Louise and Ella, so if you wanted you could go with Louise Ella or Louise Elle if you dont like the smushed-ness of Luella
    Bella (I'm sure you've thought of this one though )

    I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I hope I helped to some degree!

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