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    Girl #2- Zoe or Noa

    New to posting here but have been reading the forums for a long time. I am due with my second daughter and having a hard time with names. Right now, I am loving Noa but am hesitant to use it because of the boy name Noah and I have had people comment that it looks like I misspelled Nora. I also love the name Zoe but am not a fan of popular names. I would use a longer, feminine middle name such as Corrine or Seraphine. Thanks for any input or suggestions. I also like Marlo but I don't think the hubby does.

    For reference my daughter's name is Ever Soleil

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    Ever is definitely an innovative, modern name that isn't too trendy. Zoe, an exceptionally trendy name, doesn't really fit. Noa is a familiar name that is separate from the male alternative, Noah, and is not a misspelling of Nora. It is a modern Israeli/Hebrew name that's used in many other countries. It fits well with sister Ever.

    Noa Seraphine is beautiful.
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    Thank you for the input. I agree Zoe is so trendy, I just love the way it sounds

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    any other thoughts or suggestions?

    These are the other names on my list








    I tend to lean towards shorter names apparently but am not opposed to longer names.

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    I wouldn't call Zoe trendy. Just popular. Zoe has a long history as a name. I see trendy as names that have sort of come out of nowhere and shoot up the charts, but then disappear just as quickly.

    Zoe is a long time favorite. I like it with sister Ever.

    Naomi (I prefer NoemĂ­) is another favorite of mine. I especially love the meanings of both Zoe and Naomi.
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