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    Okay, I have no idea if some of the names have been suggested already (I apologize!), but as soon as you mentioned Zenobia, I went back to a book by Calvino I read, where he named cities with women's names. I have the full list, but my favorites are:

    Zenobia (of course )
    Irene (even though I'm partial to that . There was a Byzantine empress with this name if I remember correctly, plus it's Greek.)

    I don't know much about these names, their stories or their literary reference, apart from Calvino, but they most likely have one.

    Okay, in another book I read from an Icelandic author (Laxness - Independednt People) there was an Ásta Sólilja as one of the main characters, and I loved her name combo to bits. It might not have much meaning, it had something to do with the sun and the lilies, but still...pretty. Audur is another Icelandic name that won me over, I have to be honest, but I don't know if you like the double A's.

    Last, but not least:
    Falma (I think the only woman I heard with this name told me it's from a character in an opera piece, but I never checked that)
    Alida (A-lee-da)
    Cordana (though with Morgana it kind of clashes...)
    Anita (a-NEE-ta, wife of Garibaldi)
    Edda (It means poetry in Icelandic, it could be a beautiful short middle!)
    Leda (another Greek one!)

    Very, very interesting list! I really like Morgana, Zenobia, Isolde and Cleopatra with Aphrodite!
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    The National's Names List

    Peculiar Italian Names for Girls

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    I see you have Melusine on the list, I love love love this name but I live in Australia and the Australians would never pronounce this correctly.

    I think it's beautiful, feminin and magical give the story of Melusine.

    I also like Lulu as a nn could easily work with Melusine

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    I have not read through the whole thread yet, but perhaps Awen? It is a Welsh name meaning muse or inspiration. Awen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks ladies!

    Augusta; Lazuli is fantastic! It's a very beautiful stone (and the stone Cleopatra used for her eye shadow!). I think it would be a fantastic middle name.

    Sorceress; haha, yeah, it is MY baby. Melusine is gorgeous, but I prefer Morgana. Simple as that!

    Irmy; Cleopatra got married to her brother, yes, it was tradition in the Ptolemaic dynasty. It was an official thing, they were not intimate with each other, she was fully expected to have romantic liaisons with other men. Elizabeth Taylor is one of my favourite ever actresses, so I see her too (but not the carpet thing). Thanks for all the comments, and the neat categories you've put them into!

    Petri; thanks for the comments! And the top five. I love Tolkien too (might be obvious...).

    Tiggerian; thanks for the advice, but you're (respectfully) wrong. We are focusing on this child. The point is, if this one doesn't feel like a Morgana I don't want to choose a name that will make that unusable in the future. If I did that, and I had another daughter later, I would tear my hair out out of regret.

    Unique; yes, I do love Pandora. Now to get Husband to love it as much as I do...

    Rollo; you're welcome! I don't expect everyone to be as into the Arthurian legends as me (or Lex).

    Gwen; yup, things change. Mwahaaa, that dream, I fully take blame! I have mythological dreams all the time... Polyxena's po-lik-SEE-nuh. Gwen, it would get me to Polly!!!!! Do you know how exciting that is for me??? Thanks for the ranking! You are awesome .

    TrixieVixie; yup, you disappear and that's our cue to discuss our names. Teehee. Polyxena was Olympias' birth name, so it would still be for her and for the young princess. Pandora is my exception to the -dora thing. I like lots of -dora names (Eudora, Musidora, Isidora, Endora and so on) but something about them feels slightly off. Except Pandora which is perfect! I'm blaming this Christmas Cinderella movie where the stepsister is called Dora.

    Cilesuns; Anastasia, Berenice, Euphemia and Eirene are all on my middle name list. Sollilja is gorgeous. Edda is cool, but for me it is so tied to Poetic Edda and Prose Edda. Thanks for all the suggestions!!

    Jugsy; Lulu is an adorable nickname!

    Amymouse; Awen is sweet, but I know one! It's lovely though.
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    You have Tinuviel, but what about Luthien? I think it is beautiful and perhaps a bit less "cutesy" if that is what your husband is worried about.

    Also, Nissa [Nee-sah] is a nice Scandinavian name (nameberry and most other sources don't have it categorized as such, but it means "friendly elf" or "brownie"....the elf kind, not the food, of course!

    Signy and Dagny are also quite nice.

    For other Scandinavian names, this website is a great source: Nordic Names Wiki - The comprehensive site on Scandinavian first names
    I ran across it looking for the meaning of a name, and found it is extremely extensive and interesting!
    Nissa -- Elsa -- Rauha -- Karolina/Karoliina -- Melina -- Lucia -- Saoirse -- Dagny -- Rosemary -- Lydia -- Grace/Gracia -- Teresa -- Eleanora -- Kirsten "Kirsi"

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