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    I don't have time to go through your entire list at the moment - but one thing did strike me when I read your list. You both seem to focus an awful lot on "future" daughters instead of the one you need to name. My advice is this : Don't. By the time you get around to naming the next one Morgana may be completely OUT and something else in. So instead of focusing on whether or not you may have another daughter in the future or "saving" a name for a future daughter (which seems a bit pointless, when you are (most likely) expecting one?) just focus on which names you like for THIS daughter.

    I hope it doesn't sound too negative - I just think you are confusing yourselves way too much by adding in potential siblings into the mix.

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    Pandora seems like a winner, especially with Aphrodite as an older sister.

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    Thanks girls for the history on Morgana. All the information is interesting as it puts a different spin on her altogether. I am a novice in regard to the ins and outs of the Arthurian legends so appreciate hearing about the history of it all.

    Psalm 23

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    Wow. I'm away for 24 hours and exciting name things happen. Sad to see Iphigenia go, but so excited about Polyxena!

    Also, the other night I had a dream that I was Cassandra cursing the gods and taunting Agamemnon by constantly bringing up Iphigenia, and I think it's your fault. It was pretty awesome. Keep 'em coming.

    So. Names.

    Belphoebe is my love.
    Cleopatra is my other love.
    Gwenllian is my badass several-times-great aunt and you should totally use it
    Isolde I will always be lukewarm about
    Melusine is lovely and lyrical but feels insubstantial
    Morgana is your love so I'm not even counting it in my ranking
    Nimue is fantastic
    Olympia or Polyxena - YAY POLYXENA. I love the X. And how it sounds. Which syllable are you emphasizing? I've heard different ways. Olympia is nice, but it feels generic next to gorgeous Polyxena. I like that she was sort of an old soul; it feels like a sage, old-soul name. I get stormy-ocean images similar to Morgana, only it's a summer storm and it's the calm before the storm rather than the storm itself.
    Pandora is tied with Belphoebe for sheer perfection (both by itself and with Aphrodite)
    Tinuviel I like but don't love. But yesterday I was watching the sunset in Yosemite and the mountaintops were pink and the sky was purplish blue and I thought: "wow. This is Tinuviel." So I definitely get imagery from it.
    Verdande looks elegant but sounds awkward. I can't tell if I like it.
    Zenobia is amazing and I love it.

    Right now I'd rank them:
    Belphoebe/Pandora (can't choose)
    g w e n

    Viola Mireille Sancia Blue Cosima Vale Zara Fionnuala
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

    Cameron Alastor Wilde ⋆ Emmett Fidelio Scout ⋆ Zeke Borealis
    Isadora Maite ⋆ Coraline Octavia Luna ⋆ Cleo Amara ⋆ Adela Seraphine Lior
    v o t e

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    Wow, I haven't been on for a few days and you have already updated and discussed. Great! Now short notes and top 5.
    Belphoebe - beautiful and enchanting also fitting with all the Phoebes and Belles. See, she will have a similar name but won't be one of them. That's pretty cool!
    Cleopatra - I love the fact Cleo goes perfectly with sis even better than the sound itself, LOL. Two beautiful, legendary women but not overly matchy. Also, I don't agree Cleo is a one-person name just because besides queen there was also Alexander The Great's sister named Cleopatra so it's totally useable.
    Gwenllian - one of my favorite Gwen names. I love love love Guinevere but if she has obvious ties to the legends, Gwenllian isn't that associated with one person only thus it's easier to bear(and also spell).
    Isolde - Definitely a favorite of mine. Aphrodite and Isolde are wonderful together and both have beautiful stories behind. Different enough to compliment each other.
    Melusine - I don't know what to say...Melusine is gorgeous all around but I don't see her with Dita. Seems to me that Melisine is in the danger of being overshadowed by sister's name.
    Morgana - enough said about her, stays stable in my top 5 for you.
    Nimue - I liked Niniane better, though I knew I was in the minority.
    Olympia or Polyxena - I prefer Olympia by far. I am just not a fan of X in the names maybe with exception for Xenia and, in addition, Polyxena's story is pretty sad.
    Pandora - I remember you saying you don't like the -dora part...I think you have better ones on the list despite the fact I don't hate Panda.
    Tinuviel - Nuvi is cute but I am not a fan of full name. The character's full of beauty but her name isn't that appealing.
    Verdande - I like Vera for nickname. Full name is highly unusual even for me but pretty sounding.
    Zenobia- ditto Tinuviel, I like the nicknames you have for her but not the full name. Zenobia makes me think of Poe's "A Predicament".

    And Guinevere. You keep either Morgana or Guinevere, right? Morgana gets my vote here.
    Top 6(couldn't make it to top 5):
    Isolde/Verdande (can't decide).
    Honorable mention goes to beauty Belphoebe.

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