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    I agree with Sheesh. I'd save Guinevere for a middle name -> it would just be too much with Morgana.


    Are my definite top three for you. (Sorry I just had to: Imagine a little: Morgana Lyonesse Wren or Morgana Lyonesse Elaine running around.)

    Oh, and yeah..... don't get me wrong I like Verdande when pronounced correctly. I just imaging all the bad ways people could pronounce this when they don't know how it's pronounced correctly. But I am in the US and maybe the Brits natural inclinations would be less likely to induce full-body shivers.
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    Aah you have an amazingly long list of names!

    My favourites are:
    Callisto (prefer Callista)

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    I think because of Morgana you can easily eliminate (or move) Melusine and Guinevere. Not too much else to add that I haven't already said before. Cleopatra, Gwenllian, and Zenobia remain my favorites (in that order) and Isolde & Morgs round out my Top 5. =]
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    Belphoebe- I like this a lot, but I see even better names on this list.
    Cleopatra- I ADORE Cleo, and if anyone could pull this name off, she's a little sister to a gal named Aphrodite.
    Gwenllian- Pretty, but same as Belphoebe.
    Isolde- Gorgeous. Sleepysessha hit the nail on the head here, I think- perfectly frosty and romantic for a February child. Though I do miss Isis...
    Melusine- Yay! I love Melusine, though it sounds less goddess-like than Aphrodite, and more like it could be just a really rare, chic name.
    Morgana- You said Morgan isn't popular where you are, and in that case, this name is pure magic.
    Nimue- Lovelovelove Nimue. Makes me think of those beautiful, crystal-blue pools of water seen in caves.
    Olympia- I think this might be mistaken for Olivia a lot.
    Polyxena- Definitely prefer this to Olympia, but part of me thinks it sounds like a sort of medicine.
    Pandora- Beautiful, of course!
    Tinuviel- Nuvi and Dita would be beautiful.
    Verdande- Reminds me of verdant, so I think of a lush green apple tree.
    Zenobia- You know my feelings on this one

    So, my new top 5:
    1) Zenobia
    2) Nimue
    3) Isolde
    4) Tinuviel
    5) Morgana

    Best wishes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    ETA: Out of all of my top names, including Morgana, I think Cleopatra most closely embodies your search for a brave, powerful, independent woman. That being said, I'm still rooting for Isolde for this baby! I'm in the minority, I know...but Aphrodite and Isolde is such a magical legendary pair, yet soft and romantic at the same time. Even though they're so different, they go splendidly together. Isolde's icy romanticism, like frosted eyelashes, is so delicately elemental, perfect for a February babe...she couldn't be more quintessentially Winter.
    Definitely agree with the Isolde comment. Isolde is the perfect name for a winter babe if there was ever one.

    Love the list that you and your husband have decided upon for now! Such cute picks <3
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