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    Oh so happy another berry loves the name Morgana! That is my absolute favorite from your list. Second and third favorite would be Guinevere and Isolde. And no I do not think Morgana and Guinevere would be weird together If you were to use them as first and middle name. I can see why you may be hesitant but if you really love Guinevere as a middle I would use it (you only live once)! If you have your reservations about it then I would not use it. Morgana Isolde would be less obvious but just as equally beautiful. GL!!
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    Thoughts on your list:


    Galadriel - So lovely
    Guinevere - Epic. I picture a girl who takes zero crap from anyone
    Melusine - Wavy and silvery
    Morgana - Wonderfully dark and beautiful
    Olympia - Also epic. Doesn't let anything stand in her way
    Pandora - Mischievous and full of laughter
    Tinuviel - Ethereal and melodic
    Verdandi - Spunky and dances to her own drummer. nn "Dandi" is ridiculously cute.
    Zenobia - Elegant and exotic


    Belphoebe -Musical and gallant
    Isolde - Courageous and wise
    Elentari - Playful and spritely. I picture her climbing lots of trees
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    Oh my gosh! 8 pages of replys. I skimmed (whike feeding the baby to sleep).
    first up congratulations on another little blossom! so exciting!
    I selected this list as i think its the the newest:

    Belphoebe (only if friend doesn't name her baby Phoebe) sorry I know its not but it feels like a smosh of Belle and Phoebe rather than independent name.
    Boadicea or Bradamante (we can't decide! The Brit in me favours Boadicea though, the French/Italian Bradamante) I'm voting for Boadicea. The sound of the name is nicer and she was a pretty amazingly brave warrior woman.
    Callisto it's ok... You have better names on your list
    Cleopatra I don't know why but it bugs me. Maybe she's too overused in pop culture/ advertising that her historical achievements are smothered by the obsession with her sex appeal?
    Elentari LOVE this. Looked her up and I love it more. A queen of the stars can totally stand tall beside Aphrodite
    Fiammetta (although this feels wildly antifeminista to me; she tried to commit suicide because her lover didn't return to her.) hmmm you aim is to use names of strong, brave, independent women, she doesn't fit the brief!
    Galadriel, ok.
    Guinevere beautiful
    Iphigenia the image someone wrote of her being the girl sitting at the bow of a boat being drenched in sea spray made me love her all the more. She has great nn potential too! Iphie, Finn, Gina, Ginny, Nia...
    Isolde lovely
    Melusine I really loved this but I'm going off it. Morgana has as just as much watery magic but is now my prefured option
    Morgana wild, fierce, beautiful, stormy, intelligent, brave, and yet... I'm still not convinced she's the perfect match for Aphrodite
    Olympia I always think of Manets painting, a beautiful woman, daring and challenging the watchers, proud, defiant, graceful.
    Pandora another woman given the blame of the ills of the world. As much as I like it, seems an unbalanced against the goddess of love.
    Silmarien, I don't like it sorry. It's too slithery and reptile sounding
    Tinuviel I prefer Elentari
    Verdandi - seems masculine? Maybe because it reminds me of Vivaldi...
    Zenobia[/QUOTE] Love! My faveriot with Aphrodite. I like that she is quite different in origin, and sound, from Aphrodite but equally amazing.

    Good luck

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    Egyptian Mythology:

    Amentet: Goddess of the Dead. Personification of the West.
    Astarte: goddess of Syrian origin introduce in the 18th dynasty. Was known as the Queen of Heaven.
    Hauhet: Goddess of infinity. Het was her consort. Het and Hauhet mean: endlessness.
    Heqet: A goddess of childbirth & protector of the dead. She is the daughter of Ra. She's often called the 'Eye of Ra' & 'Mother of the gods'. She is shown as a frog, a symbol of life and fertility, or as a woman with a frog's head. Women often wore amulets of her during childbirth.
    Isis: Isis ruled over all matters concerning mothering, life, and sorcery.
    Meretseger: (she who loves silence): She punished workers who committed crimes, but healed those who repented. In one instance Meretseger is petitioned to bring relief to one in pain. She answered the prayer by bringing "sweet breezes". As a cobra, she spat poison at anyone who tried to vandalise or rob the royal tombs. She was portrayed as either a coiled cobra, or as a woman-headed cobra, or rarely as a triple headed cobra, where one head was that of a cobra, one of a woman, and one of a vulture.
    Sothis: Egyptian goddess who personified the Dog Star, Sirius. The appearance of Sirius at dawn in July (called the helical rising) heralds the annual inundation of the Nile. She naturally became associated with fertility and prosperity resulting from the annual floods. Depicted in human form, wearing the tall conical white crown of Upper Egypt, surmounted by a star. After the death of Osiris, Isis identified with Sothis and vows to follow him in his manifestation as the constellation Orion.

    Greek Mythology:

    Achlys: (middle name of daughter Primrose): known as the Eternal Night (or Mist of Death, which fell before the eyes preceding death) and the first created being which existed even before Chaos. She is on the shield of Heracles. I think you should look her up.
    Circe: I still love this! I think it's a great and strong choice.
    Hermione: I know Harry Potter made it popular, but the nn. Mio is adorable. The history behind it is strong as well.
    Orithyia: Boreas, the north wind, had fallen in love with her. When he couldn't woo her, he took her by force as she was playing by the Ilissos River. She wrapped in a cloud and raped. She gave Boreas two daughters, Chione & Cleopatra, & two winged sons Calais & Zetes. She was made into the Goddess of the cold mountain winds. Orithyia is said to mean: woman raging in the mountains.
    Pandora: Panda would be adorable! Every time I see this name for you, I love it more and more.
    Pelopia: She was raped by her father, because an oracle told him, that if his daughter bore him a son, that that son would kill his brother. As Pelopia was being raped she had taken her rapists (fathers) sword. She didn't know it was her father. Her uncle (whom her father wanted to kill) married her, not knowing that she was his niece. She abandoned her son bore by her father. Years later, Pelopia gives her son the sword. Her father/rapist recognizes it and she recognizes that her father raped her and stabs herself with it. Her son kills the uncle and returns the land to his father/grandfather. I don't think this a good namesake. I thought the name was pretty, before I read into it.
    Perigune or Perigenia(as in A Midsummer Night's Dream): Theseus had killed her father. She hid in a bed of rushes and asparagus. After Theseus promised not to hurt her she revealed herself. She bore Theseus's first male heir, Melanippus.
    Perimele: She had a love affair with Achelous. Her father didn't approve and pushed her off a cliff. Achelous, was the patron deity of the largest river in Greece, kept her afloat, while pleading with Poseidon. She was turned into an island, that bears her name.
    Scylla:She was the daughter of Nisos, who possessed a single lock of purple hair, which granted him invincibility. Scylla fell in love with her fathers enemy, Minos. She wanted him to love her so she cut off her fathers lock of hair. Her father Nisos was killed. After she presented the lock to Minos, he was disgusted that she betrayed her father. Scylla still persued Minos and went after his boat. She almost reached him when an eagle drown her. The eagle was what her father had been metamorphosed into. She turned into a seabird in death.

    Roman Mythology:
    Bellona : Goddess of war.

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    Aaaaah, a page of posts for MEEEEEEEE! Sorry about the wait... I've been writing a blog post fro L&P, so tried to focus on that for a few days .

    Hermione; Cassandra was wonderful. We've moved her to the middle, mainly because we're friends with a little Cassian and we thought it would be silly maybe with two small Cass's hanging out. I like your combos, but I'm trying not to think that far ahead just yet, and besides I have some particular ones I'd like to use (for various reasons). Thanks though!

    Unique; Calypso is the daughter of a friend of mine, and even though we're not terribly close, I've decided not to use that one. It's a gorgeous name though. Morgana's mawr-GAH-nah. Tinuviel's tee-noo-vee-el.

    Lex; you're BACK!!! Yes, I'm shocked to see that those are your favourites, especially Belphoebe! Crazy Lex, haha! But Verdande's so beautiful! Maybe it's because I pronounce it in Norwegian, and seriously, it's stunningly hauntingly beautiful. I love me some clunks though... Thanks for your comments, you've been missed!

    Sarah; haha, I think you comment on my previous one! I love when you comment, you're like the voice of reason. Which I need! It's funny, we went over the list yesterday and the ones who didn't survive... well, those are basically the ones you dislike. So you've got good taste!

    Ballet; yay for Morgana love!

    Moonie; phew, finally someone who loves Verdande! Good love list, my dear!

    Tuitree; thanks! I use nameberry sometimes when Baba falls asleep too... bad mama (me, not you!). Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate it. I know you meant to say favourite, but faveriot might be my new fake word love. A riot of favourites! How wonderful. Verdande doesn't sound masculine to me, it might be that people pronounce this wrong. Hmm. I'll record it on forvo later, I think.

    Irms; Thanks for the suggestions! Astarte goes on and off my list, but as she basically is the same as Dita, I let her go. Isis is on my middle list, as is Circe and Orithyia. And Pandora is still on my list for firsts. The others are too harsh or tragic for me... Thanks so much for taking the time though!

    Update to follow...
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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