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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Zelia; right? Need to get me some twins... Bröderna Lejonhjärta is scary! I had nightmares too. It's so good though, but terrifying. Tengil is nice, the name I mean. Not the man!! Madicken is so sweet too. In Norway she's Marikken, which is super cute too. Oh, I love Astrid Lindgren so much!!!! I'm falling crazy in love with Ivalo by the way, if you can shed some more light on that one for me I'd be very grateful! Such a wonderfully sweet name, sounds like a small child wrapped in fur. Is Greenlandic, right? Is it Princess Josephine's middle name? Lots of questions, I know... Wu Zetian was definitely worth a shot, and I will put her aside in case we're allowed to adopt down the line!
    Yeah, it's definitely not a book that suited for very young children, I've got to say. Ah, Marikken is a lovely name. That Astrid Lindgren, gotta love her style of names (and her books ... and everything, that woman was a genius).

    Ivalo is a really lovely name, it's one of my own favourites so I'm totally get your love for it The name comes from the Thule region and directly translated, it is believed to mean 'sinew'. The Kalaallisut word for sinew is "ujaloq", and the Thulic (I don't if that is what you call something/someone that comes from Thule (in Danish, it would be Thulsk), however I decide that it is now) translation for that is "ivaloq" and that's the word/name that Ivalo is a short form of. However, there's also others claiming that the real meaning of the name is 'little sister', 'little wave' or 'butterfly' (that goes for all Greenlandic names, really. There's a lot of discussion about the actual meanings of pretty much every name). Ivalo is believed by some to be the Danish version of Ivalu, but others claim that Ivalo in fact is the original West Greenlandic name (I prefer Ivalo over Ivalu, but there really isn't a change in the pronunciation, it's just the look that is different). Little Princess Josephine was indeed given Ivalo as a middle name in tribute to Greenland and her twin brother was given the name Minik (which I know that the Greenlandic people were very thrilled about). Ivalo is also a village in Finland

    I don't know if that make any sort of sense, it's waaaay too late (or too early, more like) for me to be allowed to write anything.
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    Ooh, lots more beautiful names! Thoughts on those I haven't commented on:

    Elentari- the first part reminds me of the word "electricity", but the "tari" part sounds nice (weird comment, I know)
    Fiammetta- gorgeous, exotic and dramatic. don't know the namesake but the sound alone seems powerful to me
    Iphigenia- not too fond of this name... the "ph" makes it seem rather harsh
    Verdandi- sounds very Italian, and also kind of masculine. nice sound though. reminds me of Vivaldi (as in the composer)

    I was trying to rank them, then realized I couldn't pick, so I'll just do love/like/not a fan:

    Morgana (your love for this is making it grow on me!)

    Wow, that was most of the list. And I think they all go beautifully with Aphrodite!


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    Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I am with your name choices. They are all so beautiful and majestic.

    Top Five!:
    Belphoebe- Dark starry nights, the clash of silvers swords, gardens of primrose and nightshade. Love what this names brings up in my mind. I love the way it falls off my tongue so effortlessly, I could say it over and over and over again. Definitely at the very top for me. Belphoebe and Aphrodite sound amazing together. She is also a very strong woman.

    Morgana- Dark red silk, hushed conversations in alleyways, and the hilt of a hidden dagger. This name crimson shrouded in a cape of mystery. I really like it, and it shines beside strong names like Belphoebe and Aphrodite. Only second to Belphoebe because I like the way Belphoebe sounds more than Morgana.

    Isolde- Fog shrouded mountains, the cold north sea, a coat of fur. I get really cold vibes from this name, and the color of the name is either foggy silver or deep ocean blue. Which really draws me to it because those are my favorite colors and I love cold things, haha. I think Isolde is a bit less fantasy than names like Fiametta or Belphoebe but I also think it has enough magic in it to work well enough with those types of names. A great choice. I also can't get over how much I love it paired with Aphrodite to be honest.

    Fiametta- Pale pink, fairy wings, and an old english manor by the sea. This name is a lot softer than Morgana, Belphoebe and Aphrodite, but I think that's why I like it. It has a magical/fantasy appeal to it and that's why I like it. Even though it is more damsel than warrior, I think the contrast really works with the other names.

    Guinevere- Golden tapestries, bare feet against soft green grass, a crown of ivory and sapphire. A mix of strength and weakness lies in this name for me. I love the way it sounds on its own and with potential siblings like Morgana and Belphoebe. Guin is a cute nickname and I think it is also a very wearable name for any age.

    Hope I helped some <3 I have always loved stalking your name threads because you just have such great taste, I though I would join in.
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    I know you know how to pronounce things, it's mainly for everyone else's benefit :P

    You know I'm going to say Aphrodite and Morgana! So, my top 5 are:

    1. Morgana
    2. Cleopatra
    3. Melusine
    4. Tinuviel
    5. Zenobia

    Other comments:

    Belphoebe -- It's a beautiful name, I just don't like the same endings and it's a great middle
    Boadicea or Bradamante -- I don't like either of these as a first with Dita but I prefer Boadicea of the two
    Callisto -- This sounds really good with Aphrodite, she's my number 6
    Elentari -- Very cool name, but I don't like the similar endings. Keep it as a middle
    Fiammetta -- this sounds great with Aphrodite but she just isn't the same type of woman as the others. I don't think she's what you're looking for. She sort of comes across as the type of woman who can't be happy without a man around and that's not the independent spirit you want I though
    Galadriel -- Gorgeous, love it but only as a middle. It's way too recognizable as LOTR
    Guinevere -- You know my thoughts here, no use beating a dead horse :P
    Iphigenia -- I think it's number 7 for me. I like it but not as much as others
    Isolde -- I like it, but it's not got the right feeling for me
    Olympia -- I know what you're going for, but I can't get Olympus out of my head
    Pandora -- Again, you know my thoughts, but I do sort of like her with Aphrodite, just not as much as others. She makes a great middle
    Silmarien -- Too close to Marian
    Verdandi -- This is just great. I love this name, but again, similar endings, and the images and feelings are really different to me. Keep as middle

    I'm so sad to see Isis go! She was my second favorite after Morgana. Such a strong goddess to go with her sister. Also, I think you should add Rossetti as a middle. It makes a beautiful connection to Aphrodite in a subtle way.
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    I'm still going for Morgana!

    Although, I think I'm changing my top five...I'm coming around to Cleopatra, especially with the nn Cleo. Something about a Roo and Cleo that seems to work.

    Tinuviel- not letting go of little Nuvi. Hehe

    My husband still votes for Olympia, although he now says that Morgana is "wicked sexy", and that if he had met a Morgana while still single, the name alone would have made her attractive. He's a crazy man.
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