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    Favorites from the old list: Morgana, Circe, Cleopatra, Guinevere, Isolde, Olympia, Zenobia

    Favorites from the new list: Artemisia (Morgana and Artemisia are pretty much tied for my favorites; adore it so much!), Callisto, Cassandra, Isabella (yeah, definitely a difference in popularity with Aphrodite, but I think their four-syllable length ties them together enough so that it isn't too strange), Nehalennia (although I prefer it spelled Nehelenia, which would make Helen a nice nickname), Pandora, Rhiannon, Titania, and Veronika.
    Proud mother to William "Liam" Balthazar, Catherine "Cate" Ophelia, Veronica "Vera" Seraphine, and Alexander "Axel" Leopold!

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    These are my favourites from your list.

    Guinevere is No 1 as it has charisma in bucket loads
    Melusine has a sweet, lovely flow
    Cassandra one of my faves ever
    Ostara name for a Spring time baby
    Gwenillian has a trill to it as if you were singing, v. pretty

    Guinevere (Both love, but uncertain if we can use this and Morgana)
    Gwenllian (One of us loves this more than the other)
    Isis (We can't have an Isis and a Cleo, nor an Isis and an Isolde)
    Isolde (can't have Isis and Isolde, we're in disagreement)
    Pandora (If I can convince Him)

    Psalm 23

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    This is a long and lovely list of names that may please you.


    Female names

    People of Legends/History/Myths

    Alala: greek: The sister of Ares
    Alcina: greek: A sorceress who ruled over a magickal island. When she tired of her lovers, she turned them into animals, trees, or stones
    Alena: russian: A form of Helen
    Aleris: greek: Ancient name
    Amara: abyssian: Legend="paradise"
    Anastasia/Stacia: greek: One who will rise again
    Andromeda: greek: Beautiful maiden rescued by Perseus
    Anicula: latin: Crone
    Anteia: greek: Wife of sea-god Proteus
    Aurnia: celtic: Historic name
    Batya: hebrew: Daughter of God
    Bilquees (bill-kwees): muslim: Queen of Sheba
    Cassandra: greek: Prophetess to whom no one listened
    Castalia: greek: Wife of King Delphus
    Daphne: greek: Daughter of the River god Peneus
    Delia: latin: An inhabitant of Delow, birth place of Artemis and Apollo
    Elissa: greek: Queen of Carthage
    Erinna: latin: Lesbian poetess
    Fabula: latin: Myth
    Ganymedes (gahn-nah-mee-dees or gah-nah-meeds): latin: Jupiter's beautiful cupbearer
    Gratidia: greek: Cicero's Grandmother
    Harmonia: roman: Daughter of Mars and Venus; Harmony
    Helen: greek: In the Trojan War, this woman was fought over for her remarkable beauty.
    Hero: greek: Priestess of Aphrodite in Sestos; beloved by Leander of Abydos
    Inga: swedish: Hero's daughter
    Ingrid: teutonic: Hero's daughter
    Kahina: african: Berber leader, prophetess and warrior princess. Died in Tunisia A.D. 703
    Kala: arabian: Fortress, castle; also listed as a Buddhist saint's name if pronounced 'cha-lah'
    Khadijah (Kah-dee-jah): muslim: Mohammed's first wife, means "born prematurely"
    Larissa: greek: Mythical woman
    Latonia: latin: Mother of Apollo and Diana
    Layla: swahili: Famous beauty in Leyla and Majnun
    Leda: greek: Mythology, a Spartan Queen, Mother of Helen of Troy
    Lilith: hebrew: Spirit of the night; First woman created by god, whom spurned Adam because she didn't like him dominating her, said to have become a demon.
    Macaria (mah-kay-ree-uh): greek: Daughter of Hercules and Deianara
    Maia: greek: Mythology; Daughter of Atlas; Mother of Hermes
    Megara: greek: Wife of Hercules
    Nila/Nyla: egyptian: An ancient Egyptian princess; the river Nile; Egyptian
    Penthesilea (pehn-theh-sil-ee-ah): greek: Queen of the Amazons
    Phaon/Phaonis: latin: Beautiful Lesbian youth beloved by Sappho
    Rhea: greek: Daughter of Heaven and Earth
    Sanjna: indian: Wife of the Sun
    Sappho: latin: Lyric poetess of Mytilene
    Shirin: persian: Sweet, a legendary beauty
    Shanley: gaelic: Child of the old hero
    Siv (seev): norwegian: Kinship, wife of Thor
    Sunita: indian: A daughter of Dharma
    Timandra: greek: Daughter of hero Tyndareus
    Zenaide (zah-nay- ed): greek: Daughter of Zeus
    Zenobia: greek: Given life by Zeus
    Zita (zee-tah): latin: Patron of housewives and servants
    Mythical Creatures

    Furia: latin: Hell-hound
    Harpy/Harpyiae: greek: Half woman and half bird
    Hydra: greek: Seven-headed serpent, killed by Hercules
    Jini: kiswahili: A genie
    Scylla: latin: A sea-monster with the upper body of a woman and lower half serpent; daughter of Phorcus

    Agnola: italian: Angel
    Anela: hawaiian: Angel
    Angela: greek: Heavenly messenger; angel
    Angelica: latin: Angelic
    Angeni (ahn-gay-nee): native american: Spirit angel
    Ariel/Ariella: hebrew: Lioness of God; air or water spirit (angel); ethereal; Angel of animals
    Arella: hebrew: Angel, messenger
    Aymelek: turkish: Moon angel
    Dabria: latin: Name of an angel
    Dara: persian: Angel of rains and rivers
    Esme: welsh: Gracious protector
    Gabi: hebrew: Pet form of Gabriella, name of an angel
    Gotzone (goh-tsoh-nee): basque: Angel, messenger
    Hadiya (hay-dee-yah): arabic: Guide to righteousness; gift
    Kamali: rhodesian: Spirit Protector
    Malaika (mah-lah-ee-kah): kiswahili: Angel
    Melek/Melik: turkish: Angel
    Meredith: old welsh: Guardian from the sea
    Muriel: latin: Angel of June
    Neria: hebrew: Lamp of god, angel
    Nitika: ?: Angel of precious stones
    Olinda: old german: Protector of property
    Oriel: old french: Golden, Angel of Destiny
    Ramona: teutonic: Wise protectoress
    Sarafinah: hebrew: Ardent, like the angel who protects God's throne in Christian Mythology
    Sarea (sair-ee-uh): latin?: name of an angel
    Serafina/Seraphina: spanish-latin: Seraph, angel
    Talia (tah-lee-uh): hebrew: Heaven's dew, name of angel
    Terentia (ta-ren-shah): greek: Guardian
    Vesta: latin: Guardian of the sacred fire

    Druidae: latin: Druids
    Dymphna: gaelic: Suitable one, virgin saint
    Haimi (hah-ee-mee): hawaiian: The seeker
    Helenus: greek: Soothsayer
    Kachina (kah-chee-nah): native american: Sacred dancer
    Kaimi/Haimi: polynesian/hawaiian: The seeker
    Kaula: polynesian: Prophet
    Keara (keer-uh): irish: From a saint's name
    Meda: native american: Priestess; Prophet
    Miko: japanese: Priestess or literally translates "beautiful child"
    Nahimana: native american: Mystic
    Noita (Noi-tah): finnish: Witch
    Peneope: greek: The weaver
    Pythia (pith-ee-uh): greek: Prophet
    Rahibe (rah-hee-bee): turkish: Nun
    Ramla: swahili: Fortune-teller or prophet
    Rhiamon: welsh: Witch
    Saga: latin: Witch
    Satinka (sah-teen-kah): native american: Magic dancer
    Shannon: irish: Little wise one
    Sibley/Sibyl: greek: Prophetess
    Sybil: latin: Prophetess
    Talib: arabian: Seeker
    Talibah: muslim: Seeker of knowledge
    Veleda: german: A virgin and prophetess

    Alecto: latin: A Fury, one of three Fates
    Atropos: greek: One of the three Fates, the one who cuts life.
    Clotho: greek: One of the three Fates, the one who weaves life.
    Eryn: latin: A Fury
    Kismet: english: Fate
    Lachesis: latin: One of the three Fates, the one who measures life.
    Megaera: greek: A Fury
    Nona: greek: latin: One of the three Fates
    Parca: greek: "One of the Fates"
    Tisiphone: latin: A fury

    Aglaia: greek: One of three Graces epitomizing brilliance
    Clio: greek: Muse of History
    Erato: latin: The Muse of lyric amatory poetry
    Euterpes (yoo-terp-ees): latin: Muse of lyric poetry
    Melpomene(s): greek: The Muse of tragic poetry
    Polythymnia (pah-lee-theem-nee-ah): latin: Muse of the pantomimes; also of lyric poetry
    Serendipity: latin: Muse of Inspiration
    Terpsichore (ter-see-chor-eh): latin: The Muse of dancing
    Thalia: latin: The Muse of Comedy; blossoming
    Urania (yoo-ray-nee-ah): greek/latin: Heavenly; Muse of Astronomy and Astrology

    Aasiyah (ah-see-yah): muslim: Queen with a powerful dynasty
    Alysa/Alyssa: greek: Princess; logical
    Ameerah: arabic: Princess
    Amira: muslim: Princess, ruler
    Aricia: greek: Princess of the royal blood of Athens
    Daria: persian: Queenly
    Dionne (digh-oh-nee): greek: Divine queen
    Fallon: irish: Grandchild of the ruler
    Farica: teutonic: Peaceful ruler
    Henka: teutonic: Ruler of an estate
    Hime: japanese: Princess
    Kisaki: japanese: Empress
    -kouhi: japanese: Queen; it's placed after name.
    Malha: hewbrew: Queen
    Malka: hebrew: Queen
    Marina: latin: Princess of the sea
    Morag: gaelic: Princess
    Niamh: gaelic: Irish mythical princess of the land of promise
    Noelani: hawaiian: A princess, means "Beautiful one from heaven"
    Nusta: inca: Princess
    Ra'eesah (rah-ee-sah): muslim: Leader, princess, noble, a wealthy lady
    Rane (rah-neh): latin: Pure, queen
    Rani: hindu: A queen
    Rashiqa/Rashieka: arabian: Descended from Royalty
    Regina: latin: Queen
    Riane/Ryanne: gaelic: Little king
    Riona: celtic: Queenly
    Sari (shah-ree): hebrew: Princess
    Sharon: hebrew: Princess
    Shazadi: persian: Princess
    Syeira (sigh-ehr-ah): gypsy: Princess
    Sydelle (sigh- del): hebrew: Princess


    Akela: hawaiian: Noble
    Alita: spanish: Noble
    Alix: teutonic: Noble
    Alison/Allison/Alisson: old german: Noble; Kind; Little truthful one
    Catilina: roman: Noble, or the name of a noble Roman
    Della: teutonic: Of nobility
    Ducissa: latin: Duchess
    Edlyn: old english: Noble woman
    Freya: norwegian: Noble woman
    Majidah: muslim: Powerful, noble
    Nabila: egyptian: Noble

    Nola: celtic: Noble
    Palla: inca: Noble Lady
    Patricia: latin: Of nobility
    Samia: muslim: Noble,lofty
    Saree: arabic: Most noble
    Tessa: italian: Countess

    Mystical stuff

    Ariadne/Ariana/Arianna/Ariane: greek: Very holy one
    Airlia/Airlea: greek: Ethereal
    Aisling/Aislinn/Ashling: gaelic: Vision, dream
    Alima: arabic: Wise
    Althea: greek: Healing
    Ani: nigerian: A spirit
    Asiza: african: Forest spirit

    Disa: norwegian: Active spirit
    Enid: gaelic: The spirit or soul
    Felcia (fehl-shuh): polish: Lucky
    Geneviene: celtic: Magick sighs
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    My favourites:
    Artemisia (I'm so glad you've put her on your list)
    Tinuviel (kinda cutesy, but with a great literate history to back her up)
    Undomiel (I have only ever considered this as a middle, but I also secretly love it as a first name)

    If it's between Cleopatra and Zenobia *sobs*, then my vote would go to Zenobia. Both were wonderful, strong ladies and I love them both dearly, I do think that the female conqueror throughout history was Zenobia of Palmyra, and to me, that makes her superior to all of the other great ancient Queens (including Cleopatra, Artemisia etc.). I still really love Cleopatra though, she was a very wise woman who perfectly knew that it was too unrealistic for Egypt to defeat Rome, and therefore she worked within Rome's power structure and thereby giving advance to herself, her family and her people. I also think that Cleopatra is picture perfect with Aphrodite (just sat for a while and gushed over the beauty of the paring of Aphrodite and Cleopatra).

    Dagmar (the birth name of Maria Feodorovna, the very beloved mother of Tsar Nicholas II, who, contrary to her son and daughter-in-law, was very popular among the Russian people)
    Ellisif (IIRC, Norway has actually had a Queen consort named Ellisif, I don't know anything about her history though)
    Jord (or Jörð/Fjorgyn/Hlodyn; the personification of Earth and the mother of Thor in the Norse Mythology)
    Josephine (or Josefina/Josefine to make it more Scandinavian (or Swedish, whatever); after Josephine of Leuchtenberg, wife of Oscar I of Sweden, who I like to refer to as the Scandinavian Catherine of Aragon. She basically could have led the country more successfully than her husband, if she had been given the opportunity)
    Katla (I know Katla is a volcano in Iceland and the dragon in Nangijala, but it's such a lovely name)
    Wu Zetian (the only female in Chinese history who has ruled as an emperor - and her rule was successful)
    Zelia • 20s • Exporting names from Greenland & Inuit mythology
    Alexander Adelin Lórien "Sasha" • Henry Ásgeirr Ivik • Asa Bjørnstjerne Jem • Nor Valdemar Olórin • Marcel Endymion Sejr • Julian Saxo Dante

    Vilde Ivalo Zenobia • Asta Cosima Gro • Léa Ingrid Cleopatra • Aviaaja Lúthien Cléo "Avi" • Vicky Noor Galadriel • Gro Anouk Regitze

    And currently loving: Edison, Pemba, Sander, Ville, Johanna, Juliane, Liv, Madicken, Nanna, Saga

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    My favorites are Isis, Isolde, and Morgana.

    Other ideas...

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