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    My daughter's name is Phaedra, in Greek mythology she is the daughter of King Minos and her sister (in myth) is Ariadne.

    The other names that came to mind are the literary characters Trilby and Fiametta. As well as Solveig (SOLE-vay)

    good luck!
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    I'm correcting pronunciations in Rollos post.

    Zenaide -- zen-AY-dee
    Tarentia -- tah-REN-tee-ah
    Terpsichore -- TERP-see-COR-ee

    And just from my bit of Cherokee my grandmother taught me:

    Angeni -- awn-jeh-nee
    Kachina -- kah-tshee-nah -- CH is pronounced like TS in Cherokee.

    I might be wrong on the Native American names because Cherokee and other native languages are hard to translate right.

    As a rule, the vowels are like this:

    a, as a in father, or short as a in rival
    e, as a in hate, or short as e in met
    i, as i in police, or short as i in pit
    o, as o in note, approaching aw as in law
    u, as oo in fool, or short as u in pull
    v, as u in but, nasalized
    ai, as the i in ice

    The Cherokee language uses the following English consonants: d g h k l m n q s t w.
    The following English consonants do not exist in the Cherokee language: b f p r t v x z.

    So like Nektosha would be nek-doe-sha, Misun is me-soon, Meli (the Cherokee version of Mary) is may-lee, Atian is ah-tee-ahn etc

    I could do a whole big post on Cherokee and other Native languages. The other half of me is Cherokee. ^_^ So I'll stop >.<
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    Alright, let me try to help you cut down your current list and then I'll make some suggestions to confuse you even further

    This vs. That:
    Boadicea vs. Bradamante: I say this round goes to Boadicea. I prefer her to Boudicca and Bradamante is still totally masculine to me (though I know you love her). Perhaps you can use Bradamante as a middle? She goes very well with many of your names, in my opinion.
    Cleopatra vs. Isis: I still say Cleo. While I've come around to Isis and agree she's a short name that packs a punch, Cleo is so dramatic and wonderful that I can't resist!
    Cleopatra vs. Zenobia: Ooh, tough one. A&Z would be super cute - DitaRoo and ZennaBee! However, I still love Cleo so much. I feel like she has a slight edge over Zenobia for me.
    Isis vs. Isolde: Isolde. Isolde all the way. Doesn't matter though, I've already vetoed Isis in the Cleopatra pairing (I feel like I'm watching a boxing match right now).
    Nimue vs. Niniane: I'm still championing (did I just make up a verb?) Nimue. Love the ethereal, flowing sound.
    Guinevere vs. Gwenllian: I think you can probably use Guinevere & Morgana; while it's not an ideal sibling pair, I don't think it's terrible. And the fact that you say you both love it is encouraging! Of the G's, I do think I prefer Guinevere.

    Veto with Morgana as a sister:
    Yavanna: I don't think that they're exactly alike, but I do think they're a little too similar to be sisters. Say it aloud: Aphrodite, Morgana and Yavanna. I feel like Dita might be the odd one out.
    Bellicent: I did a quick bit of internet research on her, and I agree with Husband that you should veto if you prefer Morgana. Also, I'm sorry but I still see a smoosh of Belle & Millicent. Sorry sorry!

    Veto for other reasons:
    Circe: I agree that she works better in the middle.
    Tinuviel: Well, I think that's a weird thing to worry about, because how on earth can a name be too cute? Haha, but in all honesty I don't love this one as much as some of your others. I think Aphrodite and Tinuviel *might* be a bit mismatched.

    Names still on my list for you:
    Olympia: Why save her for a future child when you can use her for this one? I love Olympia! I think she's perfect with Aphrodite. Though I do see that it might lock you into a bit of a Greek theme.
    Boadicea: While this is not my favorite, it's quite pretty and has lots of cute nickname options.
    Cleopatra: Love love love! Perfect with Aphrodite and perfect nickname of Cleo!
    Isolde: I absolutely adore this one too. Your pronunciation of it is the most beautiful IMO and I just think it's wonderful.
    Nimue: Love the namesake and love the sound.
    Guinevere: Stately, regal, and beautiful.

    My top five (in no particular order) of your old faves: Morgana, Olympia, Isolde, Cleopatra, Guinevere

    Now for opinions on your new additions. I'm just going to be very straightforward with you:
    Angharad: I'm sorry but it sounds harsh to me. I also don't like the idea of having two A first initials (as well as yours, correct? Is Husband an A as well?) However, I love the meaning (most love if I'm not mistake). Perhaps as a middle.
    Artemisia: Again with the A thing, as well as the Artemis-Aphrodite connection. I'd nix this one, though I think it's a gorgeous name.
    Atalanta: I feel like it'll be misread as Atlanta a lot, and the A initial again - but if it doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it! Beyond that, I think it's quite pretty. Middle maybe?
    Belphoebe: This has been a favorite for quite a while, yes? While I think it's very beautiful, I do think there's an excellent chance of it being shortened to either Belle or Phoebe, both relatively "common" names. Provided that possibility doesn't bother you, I say go for it.
    Callisto: Gorgeous! That is all.
    Cassandra: I think this one is beautiful as well. Does the fact that it's more popular bother you? Perhaps better suited to her normal middle?
    Coventina: I just see coven and then I think of vampires. You'll have to give me the pronunciation of this one, for I'm unfamiliar with it. But as I'm pronouncing it right now, I'd veto it.
    Daronwy: Spelling looks awkward and masculine to me. However, I did a quick search and it looks to have a good namesake. You really know your stuff as far as mythology & literature are concerned, don't you? I'm quite impressed!
    Elbereth/Elentari: I think I prefer Elentari. Both, however, are very pretty names. I don't know if I love how either looks in a sibset with Aphrodite though. I think I might like both better as middles.
    Galadriel: I know who the LOTR namesake is, but I still see Gabriel. I don't know why, I just do! I wish I loved it Maybe a middle? It is VERY Lord of the Rings.
    Hespera: I do think it's beautiful, but it will be just as nice as a middle for Morgana. If your husband doesn't love it and you can't convince him to, I wouldn't push it. Not worth the headache!
    Inanna: I'm indifferent to this one. Don't love it, don't hate it.
    Isabella: AHHHHHH OMG LOVE! Love love love love love. I have always loved the name Isabella. It's been my number one name since looooong before Twilight and I'm trying so hard not to let the popularity bother me. I think Aphrodite and Isabella are adorable together. However, I'm worried about the popularity gap and whether they will be jealous of one another's names. It does sound rather tame next to Dita.
    Laudine: I like it but don't *love* it. Maybe middle?
    Melusine: Ooooh, very pretty. I wouldn't let the Starbucks logo bother you. Who knows that thing's name anyways? Very slinky and slippery.
    Nehalennia: Spelling looks awkward to me and pronunciation is not intuitive. I'd nix it.
    Ostara: We've just been out west and all I can think of is the beautiful star-filled sky we saw every night out there. It brings up a gorgeous picture in my mind! Though for some reason, I'm having trouble picturing it on an actual kid and adult.
    Pandora: So gorgeous! If you can't get it for a first, try to put it in the middle.
    Pulzella: I don't love the sound, though Zella would be a cool nickname.
    Rhiannon: Feels tame next to Aphrodite (this from the girl swooning over Isabella, LOL)
    Silmarien: Sounds too close to Marian in Aphrodite's name.
    Titania: Very pretty.
    Trephina: I just don't like the sound or the vibe I'm getting. Who are you referencing here?
    Undomiel: Don't love the sound. Veto.
    Valkyrie: I do think of airplanes. I know you're honoring Norse mythology, but I also think of airplanes.
    Veronika: Feels too normal (even though I was swooning over Isabella. Yes, I'm aware that I am a hypocrite).

    So, to wrap it up, I would keep these names from your new list: Atalanta, Belphoebe, Callisto, Cassandra, Isabella, Melusine, Pandora, and Titania. The rest I would use as middles or veto (I marked the ones I would get rid of).

    I can't pick an overall top five! I'll come back later with some suggestions and hopefully an overall top as it's late here and this is a huge post!!


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    Oh, there are some really lovely new ones!

    My favorites of the old:
    Guinevere - I LOVE it, and it's so good with Aphrodite, but if you're certain you'll have a Morgana then I wouldn't use this. (If I were choosing between Guinevere and Morgana, though, I'd choose Guinevere. Better with Dita, I think.)
    Gwenllian - perhaps now my favorite of this list; she's a balance of pragmatic and romantic, with a love of animals and the sea, and a remarkable green thumb. She's understanding, soft sea-green-blue with a mist, a protector of the defenceless with a poetic heart.

    And of the new:
    Artemisia - oh I love this - she's clever, an old soul, bookish like the ones who can read plotlines in life--on the edge of clairvoyant. Fiercely kindhearted, a steady adventurer, with a strong sense of herself.
    Hespera - you know I adore this with Dita. I'm not even sure why I love it--it's so far outside my usual style. But she's golden and bright and insightful and reads books in trees, with a twinkle in her eye.
    Melusine/Melicien (how I first saw the name spelled)
    Titania - I love the idea of Aphrodite, Titania, and Guinevere...3 very romantic, powerful women.

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    Congrats on finding out the gender! I admit I was hoping for a girl again, since I'm much more interested in girls' names... Not exactly the best reason, is it? Either way, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

    Just a quick keep/go since I've commented on these before:

    Boadicea- not sure how it's pronounced with this spelling, but love the name! (well I love Boudicca )
    Cleopatra/Zenobia: I know you said pick one but I really love them both! Why can't there be two or more ancient queens?
    Nimue- prefer this over Niniane
    Olympia- true, a bit matchy with Aphrodite, but the perfect name is the perfect name! and what if you never have another daughter?

    Guinevere- I would keep this myself even over Morgana, but wouldn't use them both and given how much you love Morgana...
    Isis- if it rules out both Cleo and Isolde
    Tinuviel- kind of inclined to agree with your husband, sorry

    Comments on the new ones: (sorry if you've already heard my thoughts on some of these)

    Angharad- classy, strong, powerful but may cause pronunciation issues (not sure about England but it definitely would here)
    Artemisia- also a strong and brave woman to look up to, but maybe too much with Aphrodite?
    Atalanta- sleek, spunky, modern sound but lots of history. I love that line "Atalanta's better part" in As You Like It (I did have to look up the exact line)
    Belphoebe- you know how much I love this glad to see it's back! magical yet wearable
    Callisto- as I've said before, I find this a bit too masculine
    Cassandra- fun, sassy and lively but feels too "normal" for you
    Coventina- never seen this before, looks Italian? pretty and demure
    Daronwy- not quite sure how to pronounce this
    Elbereth/Elentari- both feel a bit too clunky for me
    Galadriel- a bit too fantasylike to work in the real world, sorry... as a middle though maybe
    Hespera- ooh, fingers crossed you can persuade him to use it as a first!
    Inanna- the 3 Ns and 2 As make this feel very repetitive- there are only 3 different letters in the name!
    Isabella- pretty, but too normal next to all these rare gems
    Laudine- this sounds like it should be a French luxury fashion/cosmetics brand to me
    Melusine- another gorgeous ethereal name I'm glad to see back on the list! (what happened to Melpomene?)
    Nehalennia- not sure how to pronounce this. feels African for some reason
    Ostara- exotic, unusual, feels somewhat celestial
    Pandora- cute but a bit too froufrou for me
    Pulzella- has a harsh sound to me and seems like it may cause pronunciation issues
    Rhiannon- also a bit harsh and masculine for me
    Silmarien- again, not sure of pronunciation
    Titania- very unique, magical and whimsical vibe but grounded and can hold her own
    Trephina- pretty, unusual combination of sounds, feminine but not flimsy
    Undomiel- interesting but could be hard to wear- would be great as a middle
    Valkyrie- powerful and comes with a really interesting story/history
    Veronika- pretty and I like the Slavic spelling, but also seems a bit too familiar

    Not that you need any more to think about, but my personal top 5 (well, 6):

    Cleopatra/Zenobia (I honestly can't pick!)

    Always so much fun to go through your lists, Ottilie!
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

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