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    What about Ashera? It's more subtle, but still major (a form of Ishtar/Inanna), once worshipped as the wife of the Hebrew God, but on her own before, It will likely be taken as a feminine form of Asher, which seems to be quite popular of late (and the pronunciation is Asher-uh). I love many of your choices esp. Guinevere, Isolda, Calista, Cassandra, and Hespera has a softness about it. (Indulge my spelling preferences).

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    mia42 Guest

    Scandinavian & Norse names

    I'm also Scandinavian, but Swedish not Norwegian! My favorite Scandinavian/Norse girl name is Astrid. Astrid means divinely beautiful. Hope you find the perfect name for your future little girl!

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    From your lists, of course Morgana is still my number one. Aphrodite and Morgana are magical together. My next four from all the lists in order are:

    2. Isis -- If I can only have Cleopatra or Isis, I prefer Isis. It's short and powerful and stands up wonderfully to her sister.
    3. Tinuviel -- Love this with Dita. It's not too cute, it's gorgeous
    4. Melusine -- she has the oceany feel that Aphrodite has, and she's gorgeous
    5. Ostara -- Love it with Dita! Powerful and strong and Starla would be adorable

    Comments on the others:

    Bellicent -- I love her so much more as a middle
    Boadicea -- Love it a lot. I think you'd have to have a C as the 3rd though
    Bradamante -- She sounds so harsh to me
    Circe -- I just don't like her with Aphrodite. She's a wonderful middle, but I don't like the similar endings
    Cleopatra -- I would rather have Isis. She's great, but not as good as Isis.
    Guinevere -- I've already given you my arguements as to why it's weird with Morgana. If you find Bellicent weird, why not Guinevere?
    Gwenllian -- She's great and I ADORE her but I like others better. She needs to stay as a middle
    Isolde -- I much prefer Isis. Isolde doesn't do anything for me and her story is lovely but she doesn't live up to her sister
    Nimue/Niniane -- Meh. She's a great middle, but I don't like her in the front. Niniane is my favorite of the 2
    Olympia -- I already told you my weirdness here, but I know what you're going for
    Yavanna -- I do think this is too close to Morgana and I like Morgana a lot better. She's fun though, so keep her for a middle
    Zenobia -- She's beautiful and I love her but not as much as others. Aphrodite and Zenobia as a good A-Z thing but the next would have to be B or Y :P
    Angharad -- Very harsh sounding next to Aphrodite
    Artemisia -- Gorgeous but I don't like it with Aphrodite. It has contrasting sounds I don't like, and I just don't like Artemis and Aphrodite together
    Atalanta -- She's one of my favorite middles for you. I love her with Morgana. Morgana Zephyrine Atalanta
    Belphoebe -- I adore her as a middle, but she's too similar to Aphrodite for me
    Callisto -- Meh. She doesn't do anything for me
    Cassandra -- Love it and Aphrodite and Cassandra as cool together, but I like others better. Middle
    Coventina -- Makes me think of covet
    Daronwy -- I don't like the sound.
    Elbereth/Elentari -- Elentari is cool. I love both of these for the middle, but not for the first
    Galadriel -- Gorgeous, love the meaning, love the connections, but she's way to LOTR. Middle
    Hespera -- While I like her with Aphrodite, not as much as others. She's a great middle
    Inanna -- Love it, would rank but there are others I like better. Keep for middle
    Isabella -- WAY to normal next to the others and Aphrodite and very popular. I think of Isabella of Spain, but still
    Laudine -- It makes me think of cough drops
    Nehalennia -- I'm not entirely sure how to say this one. Help with pronunciation and who this is?
    Pandora -- You know my thoughts here, and I think the feeling is SO different to Aphrodite. I think you should try to keep it in the middle since you love it
    Pulzella -- I just don't like the sound very much, but it would be a cool middle
    Rhiannon -- Very nice and mythological, but very bland to me
    Silmarien -- I want this to stay as a middle. I just don't like it as a first next to the others
    Titania -- I just prefer Tatiana and though I love the literary connections, I just don't like Tit being in there
    Trephina -- This is very cool, and I think it might be my number 6
    Undomiel -- I just don't like the sounds with Aphrodite
    Valkyrie -- I do love the sound, but prefer the names of the Valkyrie personally
    Veronika -- this seems entirely too normal next to all the others and Aphrodite

    I would suggest stuff but it's storming and I need to get off the computer. I'll be back though. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Proud Mama to:
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    From the ones currently on your list, I really love: Guinevere (although I do understand the issue with having a Guinevere and a Morgana, it is still beautiful), Gwenllian, and Isolde.

    From your new choices, I particularly like:

    Cassandra - pretty
    Melusine - Simply stunning! Probably my favorite from your new list, and it stands up well with Aphrodite
    Titania - This one is very magical sounding to me
    Valkyrie - This one I am on the fence about, it's very intriguing to me

    Other Suggestions

    From Norse Mythology

    From Greek Mythology

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    renrose Guest
    I decided to choose five from your list (besides Morgana):

    Bradamante- I love this so much I based the name of the main character in 'What a Prospect!' on it. He's Bradiganti. So thanks!
    Callisto- Callisto is so soft. It feels like a whisper in the same way that Aphrodite does.

    *I like Angharad too obvs But for me, Morgs and Angharad are the same person, lol.

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