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    Narrowing it down! Congratulations and good job! My thoughts:

    Boadicea vs. Bradamante: Are you still moving to Italy or are you staying in England? Depending where you end up, one of these may be better received than the other. Ultimately, I think you have to make the decision between these as you seem to really love both! I personally favor Boadicea; I think she's a much prettier name than Bradamante, and though Bradamante is badass she still feels too manly to me (Brad, Adam, man, ante, etc. are the not-so-nice words that I think of when I see the name).

    Melusine vs. Silmarien: You're right, they do give me the same feeling! However, I MUCH prefer Melusine. I think she's beautiful and slinky and I get that wonderful oceanic vibe. Melly is a super cute nickname that reminds me of one of my favorite books from childhood. Also, I still think Silmarien is still too close to your Roo's Marian (though maybe I'm pronouncing it wrong?).

    Cleopatra vs. Zenobia: I just can't decide! Zenobia is so bouncy and happy and Cleopatra is just awesome (and it has so many cute nicknames). Before I was solidly Cleopatra but now I'm very conflicted. However, I think Cleo might still take this one by a slim margin for me.

    I would veto:
    Galadriel (I don't love a lot of LOTR names; Tinuviel is preferable to this for me)
    Iphigenia (I'm quite conflicted because I love the meaning of the name but don't adore the sound next to flowing Aphrodite; plus I think it might be wise to stay away from a Greek name this time. Though I'm a total hypocrite I suppose, because I do love Pandora)
    Verdandi (I'm sorry I keep not liking the Norse names! I just like the sound of some of the others better)

    Top Five:
    Morgana (Of course; it's already solidly in there)
    Isolde (I just love it so much! Arthurian history, beautiful art, and just simply a wonderful name. Aphrodite and Isolde are magical together.)
    Cleopatra (Also perfect with Aphrodite. Both are beautiful, long, dramatic names with cute & well-known nicknames. Aphrodite & Cleopatra, Dita & Cleo, both are great together.)
    Fiammetta (The art though! I think your baby can make her own history with this name and it's so darn beautiful! A little flame! It's a gorgeous name with so many nickname possibilities. You could call them Foo and Roo <3 )
    Melusine (Slinky, slippery, oceanic in feel. Adorable on a child and great on an adult as well. It's absolutely perfect in my eyes)

    Honorable mentions to: Belphoebe, Guinevere and Pandora

    I like, but would prefer as middles: Boadicea, Callisto, Elentari, Tinuviel

    Save for a future child: Olympia (I've come around to agree with your husband), Zenobia (that is, if you don't use Cleo here)


    Interest in family history, classic literature and mythology led to a love for names!


    Gentlemen: Jude, Oliver, Felix, Jasper

    Ladies: Aurelia, Evangeline, Genevieve, Aurore, Beatrix, Adele

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    This is the list we managed to make last night:
    Belphoebe (only if friend doesn't name her baby Phoebe)
    Boadicea or Bradamante (we can't decide! The Brit in me favours Boadicea though, the French/Italian Bradamante)
    Fiammetta (although this feels wildly antifeminista to me; she tried to commit suicide because her lover didn't return to her.)
    Hi dear! I've been missing your lists but hey, why do you always post new threads when I am away? OK, joking, I am just never in time, I know. Different time zones
    So a second girl? Yay yay yay, my warmest congratulations! Girls are the best(yeah, your words) and Roo is the luckiest baba ever to have a wonderful sister so close in age. Well done guys! But your boys are beyond stunning so you will have to think about lil Remus or Casimir for third child. For the sake of naming world.
    Now names, alright! (I am just too lazy to write a message so I posted my thoughts beyond names here)
    Boadicea vs Bradamante - I prefer the latter. Boadicea is nice but just look, Bradamante has Adam, Brad, Man and Ant in it and is still wonderfully beautiful and girly enough.
    Loves: Bradamante, Callisto, Elentari, Guinevere, Isolde, Melusine, Morgana, Olympia, Pandora. My favorite, though, is Cleo! Cleo-P and Aphro-D are both beautiful, charming but very smart and badass enough, aren't they? Great fit and you should know you made me like Cleopatra.
    Top 5 :
    1. Cleopatra/Morgana - tie, I know you love both, they are name perfection.
    2. Olympia - she was a great mommy to Alexander, will be a great sister for Aphrodite too!
    3. Bradamante - braveness and awesomeness.
    4. Guinevere - I changed my mind a bit, she was pretty badass but cool and her name is so cool!
    5. Verdandi - two main reasons to love: 1) honors mom's heritage and I am all for honoring heritage; 2) can be shortened to Vera that means "hope" in Russian and is a beautiful name as well. Even if you don't use it as a nickname, that's stunning.
    I would cross Galadriel because she may not love LOTR when she grows up...And it's less fun than Aphrodite. (Honestly, I don't like the series so the names don't appeal to me either, that's why neither Tinuviel nor Galadriel were my favorites off your lists. But I love Elentari because it remindes me of Russian word for amber, that's exception).
    I am obviously loving the idea of Hermione as well.
    Are you still open to suggestions? I think I have a few on my mind, sorry for repeats or already vetoed ones or awful/too much names. I just list ones I find stunning, feel free to delete A names(maybe middles?) because of initials:
    Eluned/Atlalune - how do you feel about little Luna?
    Sappho - that's a tricky one but lovely sound
    P.S. Sorry if I sounded weird or harsh, I am in the strange mood because I am so sleepy.
    P.P.S. And my last thought: so you picture Angelina Jolie with Olympia. That's hilarious because while working on my new list I just realized I picture Jared Leto when I hear Hephaistion. Alexander is a terrific movie!
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    Belphoebe - lovely, but better as a middle (if your friend name her daughter Phoebe)
    Boadicea or Bradamante - I prefer Bradamante
    Callisto - lovely
    Cleopatra - prefer Bradamante, but lovely
    Elentari - OK
    Fiammetta - lovely, don't mind the story
    Galadriel - don't like it
    Guinevere - it's OK
    Iphigenia - ugly
    Isolde - where's Isis? Isolde is nice, but prefer Isis
    Melusine - lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely
    Morgana - lovely
    Olympia - it's OK
    Pandora - don't like
    Silmarien - don't like
    Tinuviel - don't like
    Verdandi - it's OK, but not by much
    Zenobia - it's grown on my, but prefer Melusine

    My top from your list
    in order

    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    Averella; I might just do that, at least for now. I want it down to a top five before baby gets here though, and I need the names to feel separate, and I think Bee and Cat are too close in how they feel to me to keep them both...

    Saracita; yes, I am making good process, haha! Who'd have thought. The reason the Fiammetta story bugs me is because Husband (and I for that matter) want a strong not stupid namesake. And suicide because a man has another lover... that puts a chick in the stupid corner in my opinion . But of course, my little Fiamma would be her own little person.

    Tigerlily; Thanks! We are not 100% sure because we're indecisive people, but we're trying to find a home someone will let us buy in England. Thanks for your well reasoned comments on the names, I agree with you about Silmarien... it's just so beautiful! Aaaargh. Cleopatra and Zenobia is the real battle because they're both so perfect! I love all the Cleopatra nicknames too, Cleo, Cat, Panther... oh. I know, Fiammetta's got some great art, the painting's one of my favourites... and Foo is cute. It was my original thought last time around. Foo & Roo & Zoo (Zenobia).

    Victoria; I actually plan my threads to when you're not around to be mean! Mwahahahahahah! No, not really... Girls are indeed the best, until I have a boy of course, and then boys will be the best as well. Husband is now convinced all the girl-baby-making-genes in his family has been passed down to him, and that we'll end up with seven little girls. Vera for Verdandi would be great, I like Vera a lot, and Vera Farmiga is one of my favourite actresses. So that would be cute. Thaks for going through the names, you are wonderful. But hey, you don't like Lord of the Rings??? My eyes nearly popped out. Have you read the books? Seen the movies? Seriously, have you seen the movies? Hottie line up... . Suggest away my dear, and may I say I enjoy your new siggy.

    Sorceress; Thank you, Isis got the axe. We prefer Isolde & Cleopatra!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I am glad you like Vera, it's wonderful plus a lot of namesakes and great meaning. I wish I could use it myself but my family won't let me because we know a strange Vera.
    And yeah, I don't like LOTR very much(not detest, no no). Maybe the series were so overexposed a few years ago among my mates(all my peers were madly in love) or I don't enjoy the movies that much... I am not familiar enough to say, I never have time to end watching movies or reading books. But I didn't like Harry Potter until I re-read the books a million times so maybe I will be a crazy Lord Of The Rings fan soon
    And I edited for suggestions!

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