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    Quote Originally Posted by smismar View Post
    I had to look up the pronunciation of Cian. I would have never guessed "keen". For that reason, I would go with Everett. If you're stuck on Cian, I'd spell is Keane.
    It's more of a Kee-in than a Keene.

    But yes I agree the spelling, pronunciation issue is a bit frustrating. Kian is an alternative way, I just can't seem to fall in love with the spelling the way I do Cian though. I figure if I'm going to sacrifice the spelling then I would probably just use Everett and Cian as the middle name which we would then use as his nickname. Which is totally an option just not sure if it's necessary or not lol.

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    Everett! Cian- yes you will be facing questions on the pronunciation forever. Do you have a Celtic background? If so why not go with this connection and feel proud of your heritage every time you answer questions about the name.

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    I much prefer Everett.. It's a strong and handsome name. I feel like Cian would have a lot of pronunciation issues.

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    I like both, probably Cian a little more, but I agree that he will be correcting spelling and pronunciation his whole life.

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    I prefer Everett. I do like Cian, but it doesn't have the same appeal that Everett has.

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