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    Help with sibling names


    We are not expecting but we have started thinking about possible names for future siblings

    Our daughter is named The@ F@e.

    We like B@rn@by for a boy but have no middle name ideas.

    What we need is suggested middle names for a boy and first and middles for a girl.

    We like vintage names but not popular. Out of top 100 for sure. We are in the UK so please consider that when thinking about name popularity.
    Meaning is very important to us.

    Thanks in advance!

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    current favorite names:



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    I like the sound of Barnaby Blue but it's a little bit airy-fairy. Barnaby True/Trew fixes that a little.
    I do like the idea of a one-syllable middle name to go with Barnaby since it is a little longer, some thoughts on that:
    Grey/Gray if you want it to rhyme with Fae
    Kai has several meanings which is neat but it looks like it's pretty popular in the UK so maybe Sky/Skye would be a better alternative? It fits in with Thea in a subtle way in terms of meaning.
    Flynn sounds nice too and is a little less common than Finn but it may not hold much meaning to you depending on the hair colour of the father!

    As for girls if you did want to be matchy with middle names you could consider May/Mae.
    Julia is a good classic name and pairs nicely with Leigh or Wren if you wanted something a little less traditional.
    Nora is another good traditional name and in terms of meaning it goes well with Thea. Put it together with Ellen and you compound that. I rather like the sound of Nora Ellen. Or Nora Ruth.
    Talking about vintage, I really love the name Louisa, I think it's lovely. Possible middle names could be Ada, Aurora, Faith or Nell as an alternative to Ellen.
    Other names to consider: Elsa and Cordelia

    I hope that gives you some ideas!
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    Thanks for the suggestions so far.
    Hubby likes Nora

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    DH has suggested Hettie. I think it may be too nickname-y.
    We named DD The@ because we didn't like any of the long form and we would have shortened it anyway. But we always knew The@ was a stand alone name. I don't feel the same way about Hettie.
    Can you suggest any names it could be a nickname for?
    Or names that are similar to Hettie that are less nickname-y and perhaps have more meaning?

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