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Thread: Emma vs. Lucy

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    I'm changing my name to Lucy, so I might be a little biased, but although Emma is timeless and beautiful, it's lost its identity among the seas of Emily, Amelia, Ella. I personally prefer the meaning of Lucy (light) to Emma (universal) as well.

    Lucy is also a saint's name, is part of the title in an iconic Beatles song, the titular character in the iconic TV series I Love Lucy, a Peanuts character, as well as the names of countless actresses and novel/movie characters.

    Emma is also way more popular than Lucy in the US and the UK.
    Congratulations on your decision to change to Lucy! It is a great name! If we were to have a boy one of our top boy names today is Luke (light)! So maybe I just need to follow the light!

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    i love Emma as a MN & loooove Lucy as a FN. i like Lucy Emma actually.
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    Lucy I love it.
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    I prefer Emma to Lucy and Emma Elizabeth is really cute

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    I love Lucy Elizabeth! Emma Elizabeth is really great too but I always thought Lucy was such a sweet name. And it ages really well too.
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