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Thread: Emma vs. Lucy

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebella View Post
    Yeah, I love both of them. They're really adorable names - but I totally vote for Lucy Elizabeth.
    This. I like them both, but when I think about which I'd prefer to meet or be called myself, it's Lucy all the way.
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    Hard choice. I slightly prefer Emma Elizabeth, but I love Lucy as well!

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    I rather like Lucy. If you must have a formal name, you can default to Lucille, but Lucy is such a great name on its own.

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    I like both, but I think I'd vote for Emma. It's classic and beautiful, feminine without being frilly, and it sounds a lot more down to Earth and sophisticated than Lucy, imo. Lucy is sweet but it just seems to be eternally little-girl. I can't imagine a Lucy any older than about ten, whereas Emma I can visualise on anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I love both names but they give off different vibes for me. Emma is serene, soft, feminine and dainty. Lucy is spirited, down-to-earth, spunky and energetic. I think Lucy is a better "match" with Trent and Ryan.
    Mischa- you are absolutely right! That is why it is so hard to choose! Lucy Elizabeth in my mind is so exciting and new vs Emma mainly bc of how over used it is but I don't know if I would mourn or regret not using a Emma. -sigh

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