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    A magical & adventurous name

    So for giggles as I don't think we're having another baby anytime soon, I'd like to start gathering more names for my list. I've run out of names my wife deems usable. She doesn't want anything to crazy and I don't want anything to plain. Anna was already a bit on the fence about both boys names but I bulled ahead and got them. Zane Ronan and Lysander Tristan, each name sounds romantic and adventurous to me and I'd like names that are similar.

    And if you don't mind, I'd love all your more unusual names that might fit as I love them and tend to collect them. I'm a photographer and I like to name my models and build stories and sets around those names sometimes.

    For reference, our children are:

    Juliana Piper
    Zane Ronan
    Aisling Evania
    Lysander Tristan (who was almost Tristian Lysander)

    And if it helps, when I'm wearing my terrible glasses instead of my contacts, and when I've decided to avoid the salon, I have albinism. My wife is dirty blond with brown eyes and our children tend to look like her, they tend to have freckles like us both, and only Lysander looks anything like me as he's platinum blond.
    Da to Julianna Piper, Zane Ronan, Aisling Evania, Lysander Tristan and a little surprise sometimes in April

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