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Thread: Kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciottolo View Post
    @southern.maple - Thank you so much - it definitely feels quirky to me too. Also, the names in your signature are so classic and refined - they are absolutely gorgeous (I particularly like Edward Solomon - very dashing!) Thanks again.

    Does anybody think it matters that Kit rhymes with s**t? Would he be teased as a result?
    The Kit I knew wasn't teased at all. That rhyme never crossed my mind.

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    I love Kit on a boy (although lately I'm liking it more for girls, i think of spunky Kit Keller from A League of Their Own).

    I also hate the name Christopher, but for some reason, Christian seems very useable.

    I like the suggestion of Atticus, but i do think Kit works as a standalone name.
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    Kit is a cute nickname, My favorite way to Kit would be Beckett. Kit reminds me of Kit Harington, the actor shoe plays Jon Snow of GOT, or Kit from League of Their Own. Also the American Girl doll Kit Kitteridge, or Christopher Marlowe.
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    I like Kit. I prefer I as a nickname for a Christian than just a full name. I do, however know a boy called Kit and just Kit, nothing longer. The only think is he is extremely rude and bullies quite a few people at my school. Interesting, he has an older brother called Sterling, quick I think makes a nice sib-set with Kit.

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    I love Kit! I wanted it for our boy but DH is unsure about it. He said he likes it and he'll 'think about it' but I don't think we'll be having a son named Kit any time soon!

    If I was to use it, I would use it as a stand alone name but I like it as a nickname to Atticus/Beckett too!
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