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Thread: Independence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikayla View Post
    gabriela - i didn't ask for opinions. but since you're not asking either, I think gabriela is a horrible name.
    I thought it was obvious that when you post on a name forum that you're thinking about using a certain name, you'll get opinions on that name.

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    It's really NMS but I can see it working as a name. Something obviously femenine would work best in the middle and maybe try to avoid another name that's too "wordy"

    Independence Claire
    Independence Kate
    Independence Susan
    Independence Helena
    Independence Lily
    Independence Hannah
    Independence Eva
    Independence Iris
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    I second the nickname idea of Penny. In the American Girl books, Felicity names a horse Independence and calls her Penny, if I remember correctly. To me it just seems a natural nickname for Independence. As for middle name ideas, do you live in the United States? If so, I recommend a name with some patriotic meaning, such as:

    Independence Frances (Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem...a bit of a tongue-twister name though)
    Independence Emma (Emma Lazarus wrote the poem inscribed on a plaque in front of the Statue of Liberty)
    Independence Martha (Martha Washington)

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    jazz1509 - I like Lily I think the baby's dad had a great grandmother named Lily, but I don't know if he cares about that.

    alzora - yeah I live in the US. thanks for the suggestions, but I didn't really like any of them..
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