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    I'm from Portland (OR) and work at a restaurant aimed at kids and know a lot of moms...and I can't remember ever meeting a Hazel. If that's any consolation for you.

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    Thank you

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    I happen to like Hazel. I don't see alot of Hazel's here in Vegas.
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    Nowadays people are choosing baby names from a much wider range of names, so the top 10 and top 100 names aren't as common as they once were. It also depends on the name and where you live I guess. I don't know any little Emily's, but I know several Sophies/Sofias and a few Emmas. I am a teacher and the only names that seem to double up in classes (so far for me at least) are the k names like kinlee, kaisley, karly, etc. Not the top 10 or top 100 names, never more than one in a class or grade.

    I have never heard anyone name their daughter Hazel. The only Hazels I've heard of are a neighbor in her 70s and Julia Roberts daughter. I love the name and think it is classic, vintage, spunky, but still normal and not too out there. Beautiful name. I would use it if you love it and not worry so much about the popularity.

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    I know a lot of Hazel's here in Southern California. I work in healthcare and a lot of nurses in their 40's from the Philippines have this name. I do not know of anyone naming their baby Hazel, though.

    I love the name but I wouldn't use it. It just doesn't bring up a lovely image for me anymore because of so many people I picture instead. If you can hear it on others without cringing then go ahead but I would want something more unique for my daughter.

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