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    Feb 2013

    2 weeks to go. For those who care about popularity, come on in!

    So I have posted a few times about my never ending internal dilemma about what to name our second daughter. One of our top two names is gaining popularity fast but it seems so especially in Portland, where I live.

    In 2012, the name was 77/100 and 48 children were named it. Nationwide it was about #170.

    None of my friends or family have used the name but most people know one or two in the community. Basically, it is not uncommon but *most* people seem to love it when I share it and I get such good reactions. It is a family name (but let me say that is not a huge deal to me). Part of me wants to snatch it up and use it but part of me thinks I should let it go because it is popular and seems it will continue to be so. There is a movie being released in 2014 that the main character has the name and that concerns me too.

    I can't decide if I will cringe every time I hear it or if there are 3 in her class if it would really bother me. It is so hard to predict if it will continue to be really popular. Or will I regret not using???

    Any thoughts? I know no one can decide for me but I am just needing some perspective.

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    If you love it use it! Can I ask what it is?
    Mummy to Gabriel & Elizabeth... the loves of my life xx

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    What's the name?

    I'm dealing with the same issue. The name we've agreed on is Penelope, which is at #125 and rising. I'm afraid it will be top 10 in a few years and I'll have major regrets.

    However, fewer and fewer parents are picking top 10 or even top 100 names for their children. Even a top 10 name doesn't mean that there will be five of them in your kid's class. And the trends seem to change pretty quickly.

    I think if you love it, you should use it.

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    The name is Hazel and I know a lot of berries are sick of seeing this name on here so I am not looking for negative opinions

    Jordynnj: I have NEVER met a Penelope and I am around a lot of children and in the community. I really think you are safe with that one! But I have heard lots of Hazels in my city and with the movie coming out.....I just don't want to regret it either way.

    Our second name is Willa which I love for different reasons. It still has the vintage-y, nature-y, funky and sweetness we are looking for. It is much less common but I know it is not as loved. I would be 'safer' choosing this name. I don't know!

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    I really like Hazel. But my name, Sarah, ranked at #72 in 1969, the year I was born, and I grew up feeling that there were so many Sarahs, and it was so bland and generic, that it was almost like I didn't have a name at all. Of course it shot up rapidly in popularity after 1969. I still constantly hear my name called and turn to find that I'm not the one addressed. Every time someone says parents shouldn't worry about a name's popularity I cringe. Of course your daughter might feel completely differently than I do, but I really, really wish my parents had gone with their #2 choice, Vinca, so that I'd have a name truly my own.

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