View Poll Results: Which middle for T1 (last name rhymes with (Bates) and which spelling for T2?

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  • Philippa Helaine

    9 16.67%
  • Philippa Whitt

    7 12.96%
  • Philippa Winter

    29 53.70%
  • Philippa Eleanor

    14 25.93%
  • I prefer the 'Vivienne' spelling

    40 74.07%
  • I prefer the 'Vivian' spelling

    10 18.52%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Just a few weeks left, please help us choose!

    Our little ladies are due in just a few weeks and we're still struggling with names--ack! The first names are Philippa and Vivienne(sp?), but we're still trying to decide:

    1. On Vivi's spelling (-enne vs. -an spelling). The -an spellng is masculine here in the UK, so people give the eyebrow when it's worn on a girl. The -enne spelling is pronounced the same here, just looks feminine, but don't know if it's too frilly and trendy?

    2. Pippa's middle name (hopefuls narrowed to Winter, Whitt, Eleanor and Helaine). Vivi's middle will be Gray (DH's middle and his mother's maiden name), so we want something that goes well. She's a super active baby, so something spunky is good. Helaine is a variation of my own middle (Alane), Whitt is my great grandmother's maiden name, and Winter is a girl I once knew whose name I always loved, and and Eleanor is DH's great grandmother's name. Ack! Too many decisions!

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    I prefer Vivienne Winter and Phillipa Gray.
    To me Vivienne Gray reminds me or Dorian Gray.
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    Thanks. Really funny about the Dorian Gray thing--is it just the sound that makes you associate it?

    Sorry for those of you who have seen many of these choices before--hoping a poll will help solidify choices!

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    Philippa Winter & Vivienne Gray. Vivian is masculine to me. I'd prefer Vivien over Vivienne though, Vivien's so glamorous! But Vivienne's nice too.
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    I prefer Philippa Whitt + Vivian Gray
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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